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5 Reasons Why You Can’t Seem To Save Anything From Your Salary

Saving is not really as tough as it looks for those who are used to it. However, for some people who are working, although their income increases, they have almost nothing in savings. Here are some reasons why.

You Keep Upgrading Your Lifestyle

When you get a reasonable raise, a tax refund or a bonus, you might immediately get that dollar sign on your eyeballs. You might immediately think of the many places you can go and the many things you can buy with this new money. Of course, it feels good to enjoy hard earned cash once in a while. However, just as you think of the many things that you can spend on, you might forget that your bank account is not bottomless.

Increased wealth is not the best opportunity to seek status symbols or lifestyle upgrades. The correct habit is that you should use your newly acquired wealth to break free from the old habits that have been binding you. If you can resist the temptation to blow your money off on things that you do not really need, you will get more security which you will eventually choose over a lifestyle upgrade.

“The art is not in making money, but in keeping it.”Proverb

You Do Not Have A Budget

Many just spend as necessary. As long as their money fits, then they think that they have the funds to spend. This is a fatally deadly habit that everyone should avoid. You have to know where your money is going, at least roughly. You do not really need to adopt a budget that you should stick to by the nail.

It would not hurt to set aside modest amounts of money for savings every time you get your paycheck. When you hit the groceries, also make sure not to blow your money on things that you do not really need or for more expensive branded options. Also be aware of where you are very likely to empty your wallet on and try to minimize or completely avoid these.

You Undermine the Discipline of Saving

Many claim that they live in the present instead of in the future. If this is the case, then what is the point of saving for the unknown future? What these people do not really admit is that, first, they are not stuck in the present and, second, they really do not know what the future holds for them. When something comes up and you do not have enough money, you might realize that the present is not really as fun as you thought.

On the other hand, those who have disciplined themselves to save up have been better equipped to take the occasional splurge or trip since they do not really have to always wait for their next paycheck every time they want to reward themselves.

You Do Not Set Financial Goals

To set this clear, there is absolutely no feasible way to save money if you yourself do not have financial goals at all. Goals with money are very important that this is what makes you think of how to spend and save accordingly. Experts say that when most people who consider themselves broke actually do not have any financial goals. If they get the money, they spend it on what they want to have at that moment.

Settings financial goals are not only important, it can also be really fun when you learn the art of doing so. This is where people get creative by making a prosperity picture or whatever works for them. You need to have a plan so that your saving goals make sense.


You Do Not Hunt for Bargains

Everyone would admit that, once in a while, they pay more for something because it is convenient. However, many deny the reality that convenience is not exactly a money killer. When people pay for convenience, it is usually because they are in a rush.

When hunting for bargains, this does not mean that you have to scour every single page on the internet everyday in the hopes of finding the best deal possible. You might see a great second hand deal, only to find out later that it will stop working and it has no warranty. Bargain hunting actually means that you strike the right balance between time invested and time to buy.

You will never know when your car might need some repairs or when somebody in the family gets sick. Saving is not just a happiness or maturity measure. It is a life skill and discipline that everyone has to learn.

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