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Earn Money by Doing (Almost) Nothing

Let’s face it, if you want to make a living you will have to put in an effort, however, there are ways to earn quite a bit of money on the side with practically no work at all. So, we are going to try and help you out with those.

We all know that there never seems to be enough money for our plans and unless you are already an exceptionally successful person, it is highly unlikely that you can afford to live off of your investments. Thankfully, since we now have a lot of different “modern” options to make a little money on the side, you can start earning money by simply using your desktop computer or a smartphone.

These are some of the easiest ways for you to make money on the side without having to go to work.

Fill out surveys

Filling out surveys is one of the better-known ways to make money online. And, hey, it is nice when you are being paid by Google. If you are an Android user you can start making money by simply going to the play store and downloading Google Opinion Rewards, a survey app that will notify you if you have any surveys to fill out, of course, it does not pay a lot. You can earn about a dollar for a survey that takes practically no time at all to complete. Do a couple every day and you have yourself a nice “Benjamin” for yourself at the end of the month, unfortunately, this app will only give you credits for the google play store and not real money. However, there is a way to make actual money in the same way. You just need to use a different service.

Take CashCrate for example, a website that works in a very similar way, but offers actual money as a reward. As we said, you will not make a living out of it, but, with very little effort, (literally, a few minutes every day) you will start seeing over a thousand dollars at the end of the year. And that is if you choose to not put in any real effort. If you try hard you can probably double it, but, then again, we are here to find ways to make money without trying too hard.

Of course, there are multiple websites and apps that offer this exact way for people to make a quick buck, so you should always be on the lookout for the better offer, however, you should also always be aware that not every one of these sites is legitimate. So, instead of trying to make a living out of it, give it a couple of minutes each day, and enjoy your extra allowance.

Get cashback from Ibotta

A lot of people are using couponing to save up money, and, if they go extreme, it can really be an intense experience, but, that makes it almost a full-time job. Not something that you really want to do if you are looking for a low-effort way to get some more money.

So, enter Ibotta, an application that offers discounts on various items in your nearby store, however, you will have to let the app play an ad video, or show you a message to obtain the discount, but, once you receive your discount, you can scan your receipt and they will send money to your account which is easily connected to your PayPal.

We know this sounds like a lot more work than you might have expected, but believe us, it is not. It is very simple and easy to do.

Try a mini version of secret shopping

Gigwalk is an application that shows you “gigs” near you which will make you some quick money. Most of the time it is a very simplified version of secret shopping that takes no time at all. And, we know, it sounds like a lot of work to go to Wal-Mart and complete a task that was given to you but think about it in another way. Wait for the time when you would go to Wal-Mart anyhow, and then see if there are any tasks to complete there. And, if there are, you just made yourself some cash with almost no effort at all. It basically works like Pokémon Go, but you get money instead of cute digital animals.

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