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28 Yesteryear Celebrities Who are Still Alive and Kickin’

Would you believe that some famous celebrities who you thought had passed away or had been in retirement are still very much alive and sill working? The first movie to be evert shot in Hollywood was the silent movie In Old California, all the way back in 1910! The movie making industry only thrived after that and over the years we have had some amazing actors and actresses who made the big screen (and for that matter, the small screen) light up. What is amazing is that some of these living legends, even at their advanced age, are still very much strong, energetic and beautiful as ever, many choosing to age gracefully and naturally. Are you ready for a blast mfrom the past? Here are what your favorite yesteryear stars are up to these days…

Lynda Carter, 68 Years Old

There are some people in this world who seem to have gotten some ‘special’ type of gene that allows them to age slowly, and we believe actress Lynda Carter is one of those few lucky people.  The actress, famous for her lead role in the 1970s American live action television series Wonder Woman, is nearing her 70s yet she appears to be only in her 50s. When asked in an interview about the furst beauty advice given to her, Carter recalled how her mother always reminded her to avoid too much sun exposure if she didn’t want to end up looking like an old leather purse or a prune. That advice resonated with Carter, especially when she witnessed her mother relatively having less wrinkles even when she got older, which made her a strong advocate for sunscreen use.

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