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Steps On Planning A Yard Sale

Yard sales are literally what the saying “Your Trash, My Treasure” means, because other people’s items that they don’t like anymore, but still in good shape, are being sold to people who believe they could find a way to use them or even something that they actually need, for a low or decent price.

There are just so many reasons why people yard sale, first is because they are probably moving somewhere else and the items that they’re selling wouldn’t exactly fit or work for their new place, second is probably because they have so many furniture and other items that they don’t need but they are still in good shape and are still too good to be thrown away, which is actually the most common reason for yard sale. If you’re thinking of doing one, then here is a step by step guide for you.


The very first thing you must do for the yard sale that you’re planning is to gather up the items that you will be selling. The good thing about yard sale is that you can literally sell anything that is still good to use. It can be parts, clothes, dishes, board games, video games, shoes, accessories, picture frames, and other kitchen utensils.

The most common items to sell at a yard sale are children stuff, such stuffed animals, toys, books, and clothes. Simply because children grow up and they wouldn’t exactly need these things anymore, so might as well as sell them and make money out of it.

It is ideal to have a meeting with the family while you gather up items because some of them might have a sentimental value for the owner so it would be nice for you to ask the owner of the item if they’re willing to let go of it. It is also best to make sure that all the items you will be selling can either still be used and that they’re still working, make sure you clean them so they could look presentable. List down each item that you will be selling with their prices, make sure to have it for a decent price.


The next major step you have to take is to choose the perfect location. Well, it’s technically called a yard/garage sale for a reason. If you have a spacious garage or yard, then you wouldn’t exactly need to look for somewhere else since all you have to is to set it all up on your place and there you have it.

Unfortunately, there are some people who don’t have enough space to have a garage sale, so they still need to rent out a decent commercial space for it, which would definitely cost them more money, and they wouldn’t exactly have a choice but to have higher prices for their items. So it is best to think things through, is it worth spending extra money for a space for your yard sale?

Don’t make impulse decisions or you might end up losing money instead of earning it. It is also best to schedule it on weekends when everyone is free because on weekdays everybody is busy with school and work.


In some places, you wound need to get a permit to do a garage/yard sale, because they would sometimes have certain restrictions on what are the things that you can and cannot sell, as well as the where you can only advertise it and of course, how long you will your sale be.


Once you have your permit and everything is set, then you’re now ready to advertise your yard sale. There are a lot of different ways to advertise your yard sale. One of the most common thing to do is to print out some fliers and to let your neighbors know that you’re doing a garage sale. These fliers must have the time and date. Another great way to advertise it is to share it on social media. Everyone is literally on social media nowadays, and a lot of people spend most of their time being on it so what better way to advertise it than that.

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