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5 Most Expensive Schools In The World

The ultra rich splurge on a lot of things. These can include expensive accommodations, cars, or luxuries. Despite all that they enjoy, they still place a premium on education. What makes them different is that the super wealthy also like sending their children to really expensive schools – and for good reason. The level of exclusivity and privacy that these institutions guarantee assures the rich that their children are in a safe space. Here are some of the most expensive schools in the world and what they offer.

Institut auf dem Rosenberg, Switzerland

This school is a highly intensive educational facility with a low student to teacher ratio. The average size of a class is just eight. Sixty percent of its students can speak at least three major languages, including English, Italian, French and German. Once a year, the school holds a big event called the Rosenberg Ball. This is held after two months of preparation where the students perform in front of their parents, most of which come from wealthy families from many different parts of the globe. One year in this institution can set you back by about £68,559 ($88,000).

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin

Leysin American School, Switzerland

It may have American School in its name, but it will cost you way more to study here than it would at any other school in America. Leysin American School is another high-profile school in Switzerland. One of its more prominent features is its exclusive ski and snowboard facilities which students can enjoy.

Students who are enrolled here are allowed to spend their Tuesday and Thursday afternoons in the mountains to enjoy their sports. While it may look like an American facility in Swiss territory, 12 percent of its student population are actually Americans. This school is so prestigious that some of the richest families in the world, such as Saudi Arabia’s royal family, the Vanderbilts and the Rockefellers, have been sending their children to study here. It would cost you approximately £66,700 ($86,000) per year to study here.

Brillantmont International School, Switzerland

This prestigious school boasts a view that overlooks Lake Geneva in Lausanne, Switzerland and has been offering prestigious education for more than 130 years. Students enrolled here enjoy a ski trip every weekend from January to April, as well as other extracurricular activities. They even have activities that involve travelling abroad, including to Nepal to participate in charity work.

Students can also participate in a model United Nations. They enjoy a host of different post-class activities, including cooking and performing in a rock band.

College du Leman International School, Switzerland

This prestigious school in Switzerland takes in children as young as one year old. This school has an educational approach that involves a bilingual program of French and English which students take part in until they reach 18 years old. The school stretches across eight hectares of vast landscapes and, while inside, one can access the city proper and the mountains at the same time.

Students from over 100 nationalities are enrolled in this prestigious institution. Some of its notable alumni include popular Swiss figure skater Anna Ovcharova. One year in this school can set you back by around £68,960 ($88,000).

Institut Le Rosey, Switzerland

Le Rosey is widely accepted as the most expensive there is. Just one year in this institution can cost twice that of any other exclusive school. This has been a constant favorite for European royalty and the wealthy class. It has produced the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Sir Roger Moore.

The school boasts of a 38-foot yacht and a concert hall that can seat 1,000. Students can also enjoy its equestrian center, which has 30 horses and lets students learn relevant skills. The school also hosts summer and winter camps where children participate in various academic and extracurricular activities. This school costs $113,000 per year.

These exclusive schools in Switzerland can surely offer much more than their price tag can. These would not be a favorite for some of the richest and most powerful in the world if not for the quality of education that they can offer. Ever wondered what it would be like to study in one of these schools? Share with us your thoughts and reactions in the comments below.

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