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Allison Mack’s Shocking Racketeering Case: Tears, Apologies and a Cult Revealed

Allison Mack is someone who we saw regularly on the Superman-inspired show Smallville. That’s why it was quite a shocker to hear about her involvement in the heinous crimes committed by the controversial cult ‘Nvixm’. Mack, 36, had to appear at the US District Court in Brooklyn, where she tearfully said apologized to those who were hurt by her actions and pleaded guilty to one count each of racketeering conspiracy and racketeering. As she spoke up in court, she said that she is pleading guilty because she has to take responsibility for her actions.

The prosecution had accused the actress of recruiting and scoping ‘slaves’ for the co-founder of Nxivm, Keith Raniere. According to media reports, the women recruited by Mack were made to become subservient and perform indecent acts on Raniere.

Mack is best known for her role playing Superman’s close pal, Chloe Sullivan in Smallville which featured on The WB channel. But her career and life were in shambles when she, along with 6 other people, were accused last spring of charges that included counts of trafficking, trafficking conspiracy and even of forced labor conspiracy. To all these charges, she had pleaded not guilty, at first. The investigators had levied charges of recruiting women under the guise of a ‘female mentorship program’ called DOS, promising to help them with their weaknesses, but instead, Raniere indecently took them advantage of them.

A source who is close to 2 former DOS recruits said that they were treated as slaves and described Mack as being ‘very intimidating, punitive and cruel’. While Mack faces anywhere between 15 years to a life imprisonment term, Raniere pleaded not guilty of the charges levied on him in March of 2019.  Nxivm and DOS have been under scrutiny and investigation ever since Catherine Oxenberg, the actress from the TV series Dynasty, spoke up against the group, as India, her estranged daughter joined Nxivm in 2011.

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