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Bring Your Dog To Work: These Big Companies Encourage It 

Do you hate separating from your four-legged friend when you go to work? Then try finding a job in one of these companies!

There’s a reason why every president had a four-legged friend to walk the halls of the White House along his side (Trump has yet to appoint one), and even the government is aware of this, as Ryan Zinke, Secretary of the Interior had proven this March, when he started off a program that allows dogs in certain offices of the government.

Although this has been a first for the government, many successful companies have been aware that man’s best friend in the workplace can only boost employee satisfaction and retention rates.

And it actually isn’t just an idea from a person who missed their pet, it’s been scientifically confirmed. A study from Banfield Pet Hospital recently put numbers behind pet-friendly workplaces. According to them, two-thirds of HR decision makers who were in this research said that potential job candidates ask about pet policies during the application process. Pet-friendly companies are more likely to keep their talent too, as 82% of employees who were in this survey said that they feel greater loyalty to their company because of their pet-friendly policies. Not only that it’s a popular move, but it also has benefits, even for employees who do not have pets of their own.

This is why there’s an increase of employers who allow dogs in the office. In 2013 only 3% of employers allowed them, but now, this number is up to 8%.

So, if you want to take your best friend to work, you better pay attention when these companies are hiring. These places will not only let you keep your pet at your desk, but they might also help with doggy day care, pet insurance and money for pet adoption.


Ever since the company was founded, the celebrated ice-cream makers’ offices have been open to dogs. They are only forbidden in the kitchen and the conference spaces. There’s a Canine Code of Conduct in place that requires every dog owner to leave squeaky toys at home and encourages employees to take breaks and play with their pets or to take them to a nearby park.


Another company that allows dogs from the very start – these event-planners allow “Barklings” to their offices every day, but with one landlord imposed limitation – five dogs per day. This is even more interesting, as the company has 35 registered dogs and employees reserve spots for days when they want to bring their pets to the office. Conference rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms are dog free, and the company has a Four Paw Pledge to which every dog-owning employee must commit to.


Since its infancy, this place has been dog-friendly, and the first pup to ever come to their offices came there in 1990s. Now, over 4000 dogs are registered to come into the office, and of that number, 500 are there every day. Of course, there are rules, as an employee has to talk to managers and teammates before bringing their pet, just to make sure that everyone is comfortable with it, and he/she has to submit all the paperwork, as well as proof of vaccinations. Three most popular breeds in Amazon offices are Labradoodles, Labrador retrievers, and golden retrievers.


A company that makes it possible for employees to review their workplaces anonymously just wanted to make sure that their employees bring their “whole selves” to work every day, so they have instituted dog-friendly policies. About 30 dogs are in their offices on any given day, and there are designated dog-free areas for employees with allergies.



Yup, even this tech giant is a member of team dog. Employee code of conduct even reads “Google’s affection for our canine friends is an integral facet of our corporate culture. We like cats, but we’re a dog company, so as a general rule we feel cats visiting our offices would be fairly stressed out.”

Sure, dog owners are required to take care of their animals, but the dogs are allowed to roam the main Google campus almost completely free from day one, and it adds a certain dynamic and playful atmosphere to the company.

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