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These Celebrities Certainly Travel In Style With These Stunning Vacation Homes

Being a celebrity has its share of awesome perks and benefits that would make the average person swoon with envy. The freebies they receive on a regular basis can be astounding, and these can be anything from cosmetics to clothes to even travel. Take Airbnb, for example. The popular booking site has been known to get celebrities to stay in their most stunning vacation rentals for free—in exchange for some social media love, of course. The irony is that with their net worths amounting to millions, sometimes even billions, of dollars, they certainly have the credit score to afford the rental rates on their own. Some even own their vacation homes outright, and we can certainly guess that they did not need personal loans to acquire them.

Lady Gaga: ~ $20 Million, Houston

When Lady Gaga headlined the 2017 Super Bowl, Airbnb was quick to jump in and provide the singer-superstar with luxury digs. The five-bedroom Mediterranean-style mansion was designed by Robert Dame and is said to be valued at $20 million. It is spread out over 10,000 square feet, comfortably housing the singer’s personal entourage of 10, and is decked out like a hotel, complete with outdoor and indoor dining, a magnificent pool, and gorgeous bluestone terraces.

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