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Breathtaking Stories of Celebs Who Have Lost Weight

These days, society has very unforgiving views about weight. It’s hard enough for normal people to keep up with and conform to these often unrealistic standards, but for celebrities, it can be a real nightmare. This is because they are constantly in the limelight and are, therefore, subject to major scrutiny by the public, constantly. It’s no wonder that stars often succumb to extreme measures in the name of weight loss—from surgeries – like tummy tuck and other cosmetic procedures – to healthier diets and hiring fitness trainers. One thing’s for sure—none of this come cheap, so it helps that they have the fat bank accounts to afford fancy doctors and plastic surgeries!

Claire Sweeney

Like many women, actress Claire Sweeney started packing on the pounds when she gave birth. When her friends pointed out her weight gain, she didn’t let it bring her down. Instead, she sprung into action and committed to the SlimFast diet program, as well as hitting the gym regularly. Today, the baby weight is all but a distant memory for Claire, who is now a fabulous size 10 in UK sizes.

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