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Celebs Who Got Together With Their Friends’ Exes—Who Stayed Together and Who Got a Divorce?

There is a rule about dating a friend’s ex, albeit an unspoken one. Which is probably why it is broken from time to time, often at the expense of friendship, which is a real shame. Stars, for the most part, are notorious in breaking such a rule, which is why tabloids are almost always abuzz with celebrity friendships on the rocks because somebody decided to date or even marry someone else’s boyfriend or girlfriend. While many friendships invariably end this way, others can claim to be made of stronger stuff and actually survive. Either way, the transfer of affections from friend to friend is always awash with drama—even to a degree where attorneys get involved!

Shania Twain & Marie-Anne Thiebaud – Swapped husbands

This story is definitely one for the books. Singer Shania Twain and her husband, producer Robert “Mutt” Lange were very close friends with Shania’s best friend and personal assistant Marie-Anne Thiebaud and her husband, Frederic Thiebaud. After 14 years of marriage, however, it became known that Mutt and Marie-Anne were having an affair, forcing the singer to file for divorce. Because they had a common ground, Shania and Frederic then found comfort in each other. They soon developed a relationship and got married in 2011. It’s crazy, but nobody can possibly make this stuff up.

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