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Dirty Dancing’s Unbelievable Behind-The-Scene Secrets Revealed

Dirty Dancing was one of the best movies to ever come out in the 80s. Many might even argue that it’s one of the best in cinematic history. Whichever side you are on in that discussion, one thing’s for sure—Dirty Dancing is a very good movie featuring stellar performances, breathtaking dance movies, and a memorable storyline. It launched the careers of some well-known actors and even increased their net worth, to boot. Best of all, it’s a dramatic movie both on screen and off. From personal injury to a scandalous termination for pregnancy, here are some of Dirty Dancing’s dirty little secrets.

Didn’t like each other

One of the things that made Dirty Dancing a really great movie was the on-screen chemistry between its 2 main characters, Baby and Johnny, played by Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze respectively. It comes as a surprise to many, therefore, that these 2 actually didn’t get along behind the scenes. Patrick shared the fact that Jennifer couldn’t stand him, while publishing his autobiography several years later.

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