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Most Expensive Celebrity Homes

Celebrities are paid huge sums of money for the work they do and staying in line with their status celebrities are investing money in some of the most expensive celebrity homes for themselves. They are making the best of their earnings by building huge mansions and filling them with facilities that are not normally visible in the homes of average individuals. They have achieved tremendous fame and success in their respective fields and have managed to create for themselves a majestic place to live in.

If you are wondering who are the celebrities that have the most expensive homes here is the list of the most expensive celebrity homes that can presently be seen.

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Ozzy Osbourne, Hidden Hills, California

The lead singer of the Black Sabbath ultimately had a show titled after his name and also managed to establish himself as the godfather of heavy metal. The tremendous success accomplished by Ozzy Osbourne allowed him to invest in a huge property in the state of California. This property has 10,009 53 ft.² of space along with six bedrooms and 10 bathrooms and is worth $10 million.

Will Smith, Calabasas, California

Will Smith has achieved plenty of success in the movie industry and is known as the Fresh Prince. His success has allowed him to invest in a property which comprises of basketball courts, a golf course and a number of other luxuries. The size of the place gives Smith an opportunity to have his own ZIP Code. After spending $20 million for the property one couldn’t have expected anything less.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brentwood County, California

Arnold Schwarzenegger the star of the Terminator who also became the governor of California managed to make the best of his success in Hollywood. The actor turned politician reaped the rewards of his hard work throughout his life to purchase a 14,500 ft.² mansion in California which is classified as one of the most expensive celebrity homes in the world and is worth $23.5 million.

Christie Brinkley, Long Island, New York

This supermodel who was also successful was able to invest in a house in Long Island New York with 11 bedrooms and nine bathrooms. Brinkley also has an observation deck rising up 50 feet and she has made the most of her earnings as a top model. She was once believed to be Billy Joel’s uptown girl and in-line with her reputation she is living in this extravagant mansion which is worth $30 million.

Jerry Seinfeld, the Hamptons, New York

After creating a show that was successful not just in the United States but also globally Jerry Seinfeld not just became wealthy but was also able to build an elegant mention in the Hamptons courtesy his popular show. The mansion is worth $32 million and has its own baseball field as Seinfeld is an acknowledged baseball lover. It was the success of the show he created that allowed him to acquire such a beautiful mansion.

Billy Joel, Miami Beach, Florida

This house is located on the exclusive La Gorce Island has a space of 303,310 ft.² along with its own pier, boat slip, swimming pool, outdoor kitchen, and patio. Despite the overall designs seeming weird and costing $35 million, Billy Joel has confirmed he loves things done the way they are.

Hugh Hefner, Los Angeles, California

Many people would consider Hugh Hefner with a sense of envy because he seems to have everything that the average individual can only hope for. He managed a highly successful business and acquired a large mansion in Los Angeles. Valued at $54 million this property which eventually became the Playboy mansion has a huge swimming pool, game room, wine cellar and tennis courts. The popularity of the mansion extended further when beautiful ladies began playing around the mansion regularly. The mansion also has a zoo of its own and a waterfall and it seems like he has everything one can only dream about.

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Bill Gates, Medina, Washington

Bill Gates has been making billions from his Microsoft Corporation over the years and he has been able to invest in a property worth $147.5 million. The property has 66,000 ft.² and is equipped with its own library. The richest man in the world lives in a fancy mention and despite being considered as a geek initially he has definitely accomplished several rewards from his hard work.

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