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Fancy Celebrity Baby Showers

We all know that stars can be quite ‘extra’ and, truth be told, we like them that way as it’s always a great source of entertainment. After all, they’ve earned the right to be lavish when they work hard to achieve their massive net worth. We especially love it when they go all out with parties, like baby shower parties. A new baby is always cause for celebration, even with the impending challenges of child care on the horizon, and we love how no cent is spared from their substantial bank accounts to throw a worthy shindig for their coming little bundles of joy. We can’t get enough at the luxurious themes, as well as the who’s who on the guest list. And let’s not even get started on the full-to-brimming gift baskets! Indeed, celebrity baby showers are always an event to watch, and we simply can’t look away.

Blake Lively

Really, what’s not to love about actress Blake Lively and, by extension, her A-lister husband, actor Ryan Reynolds? We just can’t get enough of their internet banter, as well as all the beautiful kids they were making. It’s this ‘realness’ that makes the couple so endearing, which was also evident in Blake’s 2014 baby shower for their first daughter, James. The autumn-themed party was definitely straight out of the free website Pinterest, complete with a 3-tier cake. Of course, there was no need for fancy decorations from florists as the natural fall colors made for a gorgeous backdrop.

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