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These Child Stars Are All Grown Up Now

It’s a tale as old as time—child stars often do not fare well as adults. Perhaps this is because they grow up in the limelight, adored and admired by the public, that they cannot seem to deal with the real life that awaits them in adulthood. This is probably why many of them grow up with substance abuse problems or depression, while others have absolutely no concept of wealth management so they end up in bankruptcy. And then there is the select few whose careers and success survive the test of time. So what has happened to your favorite child stars since? Let’s find out.

Dante Basco – Video game voice

Like most actors of his heritage in Hollywood, Dante Basco was typecast in small roles as the “token” Asian. His most notable appearance to date was in the 1991 Robin Williams film, Hook. Since then, he has lent his voice to several video games, which likely pays the mortgage. Dante has also made appearances in a smattering of TV series, direct-to-video movies and other such projectrs that don’t exactly scream “successful acting career”. Still, he’s doing better than most, so…

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