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Keeping Up With the British Royal Family

As far as public figures go, members of the British Royal Family are among the most watched and most photographed people on earth. Despite this, they are also among the most mysterious and reclusive. This is because they are very well protected by the customs and protocol that have been in place for hundreds of years, which the media and photographers are usually respectful of. From time to time, however, the many secrets of the Royal Family members do find their way onto the front pages of tabloids, and some of these secrets are often so outrageous that it’s hard to believe that they are true. From weird dietary requirements to scandalous divorces and strict restrictions on ladies’ dresses, there’s one thing we can say for sure—the British Royal Family is anything but boring.

Meghan’s heartbreaking letter to her father

Even as former actress turned British Royal Family member Meghan Markle is preparing to take on the challenges of child care, with her baby due soon, a new challenge has presented itself in the form a letter she wrote to her father in August of 2018, after as he married Prince Harry. The letter was shared with the tabloids by her own father, Thomas Markle, who said that it was a dagger to his heart, when he was actually expecting a reconciliatory letter from her. In the 5-page letter, drafted in her distinctive handwriting, she begs her father to stop lying to the press and attacking her new husband, while she accusing Thomas of siding with her step-sister Samantha and that he was being ‘puppeteered’ into saying and doing hurtful things. What a sad turn of events, indeed.

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