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This Kid Won’t Stop Growing Because of a Rare Condition, and the Treatment Will Shock You!

Most parents often gripe about how kids grow up too fast, but this is especially true for Darci Brown Elliott of Michigan whose son, Broc, gives new meaning to the term “growth spurt.” Truly, there’s cause for concern when your offspring is growing faster than your mortgage interest rates, and Broc’s case is definitely a worrisome one with no recovery in sight. So much so, in fact, that his case and subsequent treatment eventually became the stuff of headlines. It’s a truly inspiring story of strength and perseverance that this family deserves all the credit for.

Great things start from small beginnings

Like most new mothers, Darci Moss Elliot doted on her newborn, Broc Brown. He was just eight pounds when he was born, measuring 22 inches, and she often wondered if he received enough cord blood and if the gestation was progressing at a normal pace. Little did she know that the progress of his growth was the least of her worries.

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