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Lisa Bonet Threatens to Leave Jason Momoa if He Ever Does THIS

It must be great being Jason Momoa – towering over everyone, wearing oddball head gear and Boho-chic clothing, and been cast in Game of Thrones. Plus you have luscious locks of hair! Long, beautiful, textured hair… rippling likes the ocean itself. Worry not fans, Jason Momoa will not be cutting his mane anytime soon. And the reason involves his wife.

The star of Aquaman, most recognizable by his long locks and majestic mane, has multiple reasons why he sports long hair. The main reason is that his significant other, actress Lisa Bonet, would ditch him if he ever decided to cut his hair. He is crystal clear that Bonet would leave him if he cut his locks. So he just gave up on hair cuts for a long while. But are there other incentives to keep his locks? Why of course, his latest Aquaman movie – wherein he would be playing the lead for some more years – is a good enough reason and the other one being his total reluctance to don a wig. Momoa says that the long hair look was going to stay, at least for the next two years. Not that we are complaining, because this perfect specimen of a human being looks good even with short hair.

It has been more than a year that Bonet and Momoa officially took the plunge after spending close to a decade together. The love birds, who have 2 kids together, had a ceremonial wedding in 2017 at their home in Topanga, Calif. Bonet is also actress Zoë Kravitz’s mother, her only child from her previous marriage to rocker Lenny Kravitz in 1987, but they would later split in 1993.

Just after tying the knot, Lisa and Jason mentioned about the feeling of newlywed bliss they were experiencing, while attending the Justice League premiere. When asked if they felt any difference between them now that they were married, the couple said that they did. Momoa said he never thought that it could any different, but with a 11 year old, and a 9 year old, he planned on being with Lisa for the remainder of his life. It was time to take the relationship and kick it up a notch, apparently.

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