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These are the Most Unforgettable Oscars Red Carpet Looks of All Time

The Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, is undoubtedly the Event of the Year in Hollywood. Stars, and their fans alike, await each year’s festivities with almost feverish anticipation as the allure of the glitz and glamor is hard to resist, specially the sights on the red carpet. Indeed, stars parading their massive net worth in fancy outfits and glittering diamonds is always a spectacle that’s sure to entertain. It’s even more entertaining to see massive weight loss due to cosmetic surgery in some and obvious alcoholism and drug addiction in others. But, of course, the dresses almost always steal the show, and we’re not likely to forget these iconic looks on the Oscars red carpet anytime soon.

Angelina Jolie – 2012

Let’s face it—Angelina Jolie would look fantastic in just about any frock that you put her in. However, the actress’s look for the 2012 Academy Awards is no doubt her most memorable one. Despite wearing a seemingly simple black dress, she managed to steal the show with some serious leg action both on and off stage, leaving us with no doubt that her personal trainer must be a really good one.

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