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‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’: How Much Are They Worth?

Inspired by Tumblr blog “Rich Kids of Instagram,” E! responded by launching its own version of the blog on TV called “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” (RKOBH). These twenty-somethings are said to be connoisseurs of the good life and have been described as getting as much access to what they want anytime. Here are the stars of the show and some things you might want to know about the cast.

Brendan Fitzpatrick – $500,000

He is not yet a millionaire, but he is halfway there. The waves he has been sending off headlines also makes this man wealthy in that sense. Brendan is a real estate agent who works for The Agency, a top ranking luxury firm. He is closely mentored by Mauricio Umansky, CEO of his company and the star of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” who helped him establish his name in the real estate business quickly.

Brendan had an early start at realty and is said to have sold his first property for around $10 million when he was just 19. He was born to a rich family, but he is now self-sufficient, thanks to his earnings in real estate. Brendan said that his participation in the show was just to expand his brand. He is dating co-star Morgan Stewart.

“Honestly, money can’t buy happiness. My Birkins aren’t going to hug me back at night and tell me they love me, even though sometimes I think they do.”Dorothy Wang

Jonny Drubel – $800,000

Jonny might not be as rich as his costars, but he deserves some credit for being self-made for the most part. Growing up rich might not be a disadvantage, but Jonny’s earnings come mostly from his work in the music industry.

Jonny is a budding singer and songwriter who has appeared on MTV, VH1 and CBS. Unlike most others who are children of wealthy parents, Jonny’s parents are not discussed in the show. He is very good friends with the rest of the cast and says that he has known each one of them for at least five years.

E.J. Johnson – $2 Million

The son of NBA legend Magic Johnson has created quite a buzz and a following of his own on the show. E.J. generated media attention when he started appearing in public carrying a bright handbag while walking hand in hand with his boyfriend. Magic Johnson, however, released a statement to the press and revealed that he is absolutely proud of his son and supports his son’s decision to come out. He also believes that someday, E.J. will have his own reality TV show.

Being the son of one of the greatest NBA players ever means that this man is surely worth a lot of money. E.J. grew up in LA, California and is connected to the show through his friendship with Dorothy. E.J. stands out for his love for fashion and is very flashy about his extravagant lifestyle. He currently attends New York University.

Morgan Stewart – $5 Million

Morgan Stewart is the heiress of Herb Stewart, a renowned architect and luxury estate developer who has been noted for remodeling commercial property along Rodeo Drive. Morgan, a college dropout who owns the “BoobsandLoubs” blog admits to living off her parent’s financial support. This seems to be no problem when her parents are worth that much. It is her admiration of her physical assets and ownership of over 200 pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes, which inspired the title of her blog.

In recent interviews, Morgan described the show as an accurate portrayal of her lifestyle. She is dating Brendan Fitzpatrick and is very close with Dorothy. She is also noted for her wild partying.

Dorothy Wang – $10 Million

Everyone on the show is rich as the show’s title says, but the wealthiest of them all is no other than Dorothy Wang. Dorothy is the daughter of Roger Wang, the billionaire chairman and CEO of Golden Eagle International Group. The heiress to the multi-billion assets of her father reportedly has plans to work in real estate for her father.

Dorothy has over 17,000 followers on Instagram. Reports say that she was invited to the show after producers saw her Instagram. She has told the media that she is there to dispel stereotypes about rich kids.

While these kids are really rich, the show tells everyone that being rich does not really mean following spoiled stereotypes. These children have callings and passions of their own just like regular people do. Who is your favorite character on RKOBH? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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