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So-called Technological Advances of the Past that are Now Obsolete—How Many Do You Remember?

These days, it seems that new gadgets and inventions are developed on a daily basis. From Steve Jobs’ game-changing iPhone to Elon Musk’s self-driving cars and SUVs, the new technology we enjoy today are not only enhancing their respective creators’ bank accounts but our overall quality of life, as well. What a time to be alive, indeed, especially now that there’s an app for just about anything one requires. But from time to time, we can’t help but look back at the things that used to bring us so much joy and convenience back in the day, but have now been relegated to being relics of the years past. Take a look at what “technology” looked like back before smartphones, laptops, and stable internet service were not even conceived. How people functioned back then, will seem like a mystery.

Floppy disks

Long before the cloud was even an idea and well before physical mini storage devices like thumb drives and portable hard drives were invented, data was stored in the humble floppy disk. It initially came in 5-1/4-inch dimensions, which now seems massive in hindsight, before it was reinvented to the more compact 3-1/2-inch diskettes. At its maximum, these disks could accommodate no more than 720 kilobytes of data—that’s less than a high-resolution photo these days, so imagine keeping a stack of these just to accommodate your photo books and essential data.

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