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The Best Moments In World Cup History

As the World Cup 2018 is nearly here, what better way to celebrate it than looking back at past happenings considered as the best moments in World Cup history. With players truly passionate and dedicated to the sports, it’s not surprising that these athletes, some of who have huge bank accounts now, create unbelievable and unforgettable memories on the filed (and sometimes off it too).  Footballers give their all every time they play – anything for the love of the game.  They do not even think of how one move can cause them injury, and we sure hope they all have great insurance coverages for that.  Whether it’s a goal, a way of celebrating a goal, misunderstandings, and fights – it provides for non-stop entertainment, that’s truly fascinating.

World Cup 1978 – Archie Gemmill Scores His Wonder Goal

Most of the World Cup’s best moments are of footballers scoring ‘one of a kind’ goals.  This included Scotland’s Archie Gemmill’s ‘wonder goal’ in the 1978 World Cup. His team eventually lost, but we can just imagine Gemmmill enjoying a massage after the great upset, thinking how his goal will make it to some of the best moments in World Cup history, someday.

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