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Get Rich Scams People Are Still Falling For

Want to become rich and famous but don’t have the time and energy to begin a business? Don’t even have the time to get a job in a successful company? Don’t worry. The Internet is here to make you believe you can make piles of money without any skills or the effort.

If you have heard about these advertisements along with the low investment they asked you to make for the purchase of a website, a property or even an unbelievable stunt you could have thought whether any truth existed in the claims being made. However, you would be surprised to understand the number of people falling for these stupid get rich scams and are losing money rather than make any simply in pursuit of their dreams.

These scams are as old as the Internet itself but are being promoted as the only method to become rich for the stupidly generous people who are falling for these scams. Let us look at some ridiculous get rich scams that are still popular.

“Work like you don’t need the money. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like nobody’s watching.” Satchel Paige

Promoting the greatest vitamins in the world

Promoting the greatest vitamins in the world is one of the oldest tricks that are being used by scam artists. You are given a story about spending millions of dollars on research and development in reputed institutions throughout the world with claims that the vitamins can help with every possible ailment on this planet. The vitamins can cure diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. The promoters also provide sales figures to convince you to make an investment and begin your business.

You are offered an opportunity to make millions by investing just $35 in a website that will prove helpful in selling the vitamins. The promoters even got to the extent of telling you, you can make a few thousand dollars every month by promoting the sales from the website. A lady with a beautiful face and who is scantily clad and showing more body than any money she made, appears in a video claiming she is being paid $5000 every week for an investment of just $35. Looks extremely enticing, doesn’t it? Now, wait for the best part.

What you get for the $35 you spend

You get a website which claims to sell something which can cure everything but cannot even attract a single visitor. Becoming concerned? Don’t worry if you don’t get any sales you have a marketing department willing and ready to back you up for a small charge which runs into a few thousand dollars.

What you won’t be told is the fact that thousands of websites are already in existence and are promoting the same products which no one seems to want. You even have a 60-day money back guarantee for the $35 you paid for the website. It should appear as a consolation until you make an attempt to claim your money back and that is the time when you realize that you should have opted for selling lemonade before your home because it could have been a better business model.

Promoting Quixtar

Don’t have any of the fancy business degrees or the millions to invest in a startup company? Start promoting Quixtar just as 3 million people are doing globally. Quixtar has an annual turnover of $6.8 billion according to claims being made. They also have a website where customers can log in and purchase products to give you a cut of the sales. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Some representatives of Quixtar make claims that they are earning $250,000 every year by working 10 to 15 hours a week.

Is it really that simple? Unless you are a Dumbo of the highest order you should have realized this is just a scam which is popularly known as the pyramid scheme. After you set your own business you begin bugging the hell out of the people you know to buy products from Quixtar or begin to sell products themselves. Quixtar calls itself a multilevel marketing company and not a pyramid scheme. Therefore you can rest assured this is another one of the stupid get rich scams people are still falling for.

“Money won’t create success, the freedom to make it will.” Nelson Mandela

If you are interested in making money stop believing in these advertisements and become prepared to slog your way through the maze of difficulties that will undoubtedly hit you before you finally make enough money to call yourselves rich.

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