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Would You Imagine What The Net Worths Of These Rich Celebrities Are?

Most people would believe that Rich celebrities have amassed millions but many may be surprised to understand just how many millions, celebrities have managed to accumulate. The celebrities on our list have used their stature either to move into businesses or to renegotiate significant increases in their salaries. They have used their mainstream appeal to accumulate fortunes which are unimaginable. The celebrities we are talking about have made more money than you probably imagined. Let’s look at the net worth of a few of the richest celebrities, shall we?

Celine Dion Is Worth An Estimated $700 Million

Dion is a musician who made a significant amount of money after she was discovered by her future husband at the age of 12. Her first album was released in 1981 and soon received global attention. She has sold 52 million albums within the United States and the most popular album she produced “Falling into You” sold 10.8 million copies. Her success climbed a notch further with the title song in the movie Titanic.

During her career spanning 40 years, Dion has toured regularly and commands a price of $476,000 per show. She has also expanded into other ventures and is a partner in a restaurant along with an artist management company located in Québec.

Dr. Dre Has an Estimated Fortune of $740 Million

A revolution was caused in the music industry by Dr. Dre whose original name is Andre Young who is one of the founders of a rap group. He also accumulated vast amounts of wealth from the retail market by promoting headphones.

Dr. Dre was serving as the lead producer of the group NWA during the late 80s and led the group to become a cultural phenomenon. He left the group in 1992 to release a solo album which won him a Grammy. He was a massive success in the music industry but his fortune came from his “Development of Beats by Dr. Dre.” He and his partners were intelligent to notice the future of streaming services and included it in the platform of their product. Development of beats by Dr. Dre was eventually bought by Apple in 2006 for a price of $3 billion which is its largest acquisition. Dr. Dre is not a billionaire as he has boasted in the past but he has come pretty close to becoming one.

Gloria Estefan Is Worth Approximately $500 Million

Estefan is one of the most successful musicians of all time and has sold approximately 100 million records globally with around 31.5 million albums in the United States alone. Estefan began her career in 1977 with the Miami Sound Machine. She has from 1977 until this moment released 24 albums out of which 38 songs have been number one hits and has brought her seven Grammy awards. One of the reasons for her stupendous success and massive net worth is her marriage to Emilio Estefan who is a member of the Miami Sound Machine and their combined ability to create music for the Latino diaspora within the United States.

Judy Sheindlin Is Worth Approximately $290 Million

 Net worth

Judy Sheindlin is perhaps the biggest star of daytime TV and appears as Judge Judy. She commands a staggering annual salary of $47 million and is known to be a tough negotiator. Sheindlin has mentioned that she renegotiate’s her remuneration every two years with the president of CBS by going out to dinner and carrying an envelope with her mentioning her demands and refusing to budge from them.

Sheindlin has a following of nearly 10 million viewers and therefore has a significant leverage over CBS. The show is sold internationally and generates revenue of $244.7 million for CBS. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that she considers herself worthy of making such high contract demands.

Steven Spielberg Is Worth approximately $3 billion

Whether Spielberg is the best director in the history of cinema can be debated but that can be no debates about whether he is among the richest of the lot. It was a studio executive that viewed one of Spielberg’s short films in the early stages and offered them a directing contract for seven movies. It was only after Spielberg completed the seven picture deal that he was offered an opportunity to direct the movie Jaws. The movie was a massive success and grossed over $470 million globally. Spielberg directed a number of movies which were all box office hits paving the way for global sales of approximately $9.3 billion.

Spielberg is also known for his business acumen and therefore the authority of his movies alone cannot be considered as the reason for his massive fortune. He is one of the patrons of DreamWorks Studios and is only equaled by his friend, director George Lucas, as perhaps the wealthiest filmmakers of all time.

More names will feature in this list as time passes by and we will be looking forward to keeping you updated with the latest developments.

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