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The Most Influential and Richest Pets in Instagram

Thanks to the massive success of social media platforms, particularly Instagram, there is now an “influencer” in just about any category for any demographic imaginable. These days, among the most lucrative and heavily followed influencers are often furry, usually four-legged, and likely to poop up a storm. These are the handful of pets on Instagram whose cuteness and antics, their owners managed to leverage into global, money-making operations. In fact, some of these pets are so popular that they even give human celebrities a run for their money in terms of follower numbers and, likely, bank account balances.

It is, of course, easy enough to see why these adorable fur balls make such great influencers and why they make so much revenue. First of all, they are so cute that they can do no wrong. Second, some of them are quite talented, displaying unique and often endearing tricks. Lastly, they give people warm and fuzzy feelings without the likelihood of negativity which human influencers are unable to avoid. Because of this, they make their lucky owners thousands of dollars per Instagram post—more, if they have followers amounting to millions. Not only that, some of these pets even have their own merchandise and endorsement deals, which is proving to be another very lucrative income stream. So just do the math and imagine what their owners’ bank accounts are like—and they would have earned and deserved every penny.

So without much further ado, here are some of the most influential pets on Instagram today:

Jiff the Pomeranian

Jiffpom is an adorable little Pomeranian known for his distinctive short, rounded haircut and cute little outfits. He also holds the record for being the fastest dog on top paws. He currently has a whopping 7.8 million followers on Instagram alone. He also has a massively popular YouTube channel and active presence in other social media accounts. He even appeared in Katy Perry’s Dark Horse music video. He currently has a huge selection of merchandise available at his own website.

Nala the Cat

With 3.5 million followers, Nala holds the record for the most followed cat in Instagram. She is a Siamese and Tabby mix that was adopted from a shelter, which makes her more endearing to animal lovers. She and her cat brothers and sisters regularly hold meet and greet events. She regularly endorses cat and pet-related items ranging from cat litter to litter boxes to pet snacks, as well as sells her own merchandise, which includes pillows and socks.

Doug the Pug

Doug the Pug is aptly dubbed as the “King of Pop Culture.” He is known for his hilarious, costumed pictures and videos, which are often accompanied by relatable, clever quotes. A whopping 75% of his 3.2 million followers are female. He even counts celebrities like Demi Lovato among his fans. He has starred in a Fall Out Boy music video, as well as appeared in shows like Good Morning America and Jimmy Fallon.

Tuna the Chiweenie

Tuna is the funny-faced dog who lays claim to the moniker and hashtag “tunameltsmyheart.” His prominent overbite and long face seem to make the public go “awwwww,” which explains his almost 2 million followers. He also has a second account where he is seen to be traveling. He regularly endorses products from Petsmart, Petfinder, Zappos, and even The Body Shop, as well as his own merchandise.

Juniper and Fig

This pair is not your typical pet as they are foxes that were rescued. They currently have 2.1 million followers, most of whom are curious as to how these wild animals are faring as household pets. They are, however, terribly cute and get along rather nicely with their dog siblings, making their daily posts always so entertaining.

Lil Bub

Lil Bub is another cat with millions of followers—1.7 million, to be exact. Her popularity is largely due to her incredibly small stature, large eyes, and extremely expressive facial expressions. She endorses Petfinder, Persil, Litter Genie, Halo Food, and Stainmaster. She has her own merchandise, as well. Small but mighty, indeed.


According to his Instagram profile, Loki the Wolfdog has been “breaking hearts since 2012.” It’s easy enough to see why as this husky-wolf-malamute mix is truly one gorgeous doggo. He has a following of about 1.7 million and has worked with huge global brands like Mercedes Benz and Toyota.

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