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NBA Players With The Largest Paychecks In 2017

This preseason has been a very exciting one. Key elements of teams are getting traded left and right while players are getting signed and re-signed for some of the biggest contracts ever seen in sports.

There had been previous issues about a possible labor stoppage soon. Team owners and players alike were puzzled about how to divide a $24 billion TV contract, but in the end, there was just too much money on both sides to blow. Here are some of those players that are all worth all that money.

Blake Griffin – $29,512,900

The LA Clippers had a pretty rough start for this season as everyone thought that they would fall apart after Chris Paul would join the Houston Rockets. Everyone thought that Blake Griffin would follow suit and speculations began to rise about him going to Boston or Miami, but none of that was true. For 2017, this dominating power forward chose to re-sign with Clippers and get paid his worth.

Griffin had always been noted for his athleticism, presence under the ring and his range. This is why it comes with very little shock that he is fifth on this list.

“There is a lot of pressure put on me, but I don’t put a lot of pressure on myself. I feel if I play my game, it will take care of itself.”Lebron James

Gordon Hayward – $29,727,900

Gordon Hayward was one of the most sought after small forwards since he was drafted. This is also why it has been one of the biggest shocks for 2017 when he left Utah to sign with the Boston Celtics. While many were left wondering why he came up with such decision, a lot suspected that the Jazz’s handling of his 2014 free agency was the reason behind this big change.

Rather than offering him a max contract three years ago, he was reportedly told to head out and get a better offer from another team, which the Charlotte Hornets almost got. T, is however, was matched by the Jazz, until he grew, became an All-Star and surely one of the best forwards in the league. With a powerhouse young lineup with the Celtics now, Hayward’s value might get even higher in the near future.

Paul Millsap – $31,269,231

The Denver Nuggets are off to a fresh start and a stronger chance to make it to the playoffs when they signed free agent Paul Millsap to a multi-year contract last July. The six-foot eight and 246-pound power forward played the last four season with the Atlanta Hawks where he had noticeable stats as he averaged 17.4 points, 3.3 assists, 1.67 steals, 8.3 rebounds and 1.17 blocks in over 297 games.

He has a pretty good run with his career so far. He was named to the Eastern Conference All Star team in all his four years with Atlanta and even led them to the 1st seed in the East back in 2014.

LeBron James – $33,285,709

Anything that has to do with being on top and basketball will surely have LeBron James in it. True enough, he is one of the wealthiest basketball players around. The Cleveland Cavaliers superstar has earned around $600 million since he signed up in 2003. While he is the second most valuable contract for this year, the bulk of his earnings actually come from his endorsements with Nike. LeBron is just the third player in history to make at least $30 million in salary in one season, the other two being Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

Stephen Curry – $34,382,550

After two championships and being no doubt, the best shooter in the world, Stephen Curry makes it to the top of the list this year when it comes to his salary as a player. While his contract with the Golden State Warriors is already impressively high, this too has been the subject of some controversy.

Curry’s huge salary comes after years of being paid a meager $11 million a year despite being a key piece with one of the strongest teams in the league today. Now that his salary has been bumped up, Curry has been given the paycheck he has always deserved.

The 2017 to 2018 season has not started yet and it looks like fans will see a whole new league when this season does start. With big mix ups and players getting handed over larger contracts, basketball will be very different.

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