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The Way The Rich Look at Wealth is Very Different from How We Look at It

Steve Siebold, a self-made millionaire spent almost 26 years interviewing the richest people around the globe before noting them all down in his book How Rich People Think. He confirms that the secret in getting rich isn’t just accumulating money, but rather at what level you think when you generate wealth. In addition to the seemingly endless bank account balance, more than a whole lot of people, rich folks have very different philosophies, strategies and beliefs. Siebold feels that here the rich look at the world in endless ways, very different from the masses, as under:

  1. While the average Joe believes that being rich is a privilege, rich people believe being wealthy is a right

The wealthy know that in a non-socialist, capitalist country no body can stop them from becoming rich if they learn to create a lot of value for others. Us commoners probably think that getting rich is only earmarked and reserved for a fortunate few. This distinct thinking is what leads the world class to work and the middle class to the lottery. The wealthy, on the other hand believe that if they make others’ life easier or better for others, it’s their right to be rich.

  1. While the average person believes starting a business is risky, the rich know that initiating a business is a sure-shot way of making money

There are risks involved in starting a business, but wealthy people feel the greatest risk is about not being risk-averse. Having a regular job and working for someone else is no safer than running a business. Siebold opines that although it seems counterintuitive, people working for themselves proactively search for business opportunities to increase revenues at will. While the business-minded launch companies and ventures and profit immensely from them, the masses settle for the false security of a regular paycheck and miss out on the chance to earn a fortune. The masses guarantee for themselves a life of financial mediocrity by staying in a job with humble pay and annual income raises.

  1. While the common man or woman thinks that the rich are smarter than them, the wealthy believe that they are savvy

Had the key to success been excellent grades and scores in school, every high ranking honors graduate in your class would now be rich. Amassing wealth is more of being street smart savvy, rather than just topping exams and memorizing information. How to become more savvy? Well, get into the heads of these successful people! Find out their beliefs about money and what makes them tick.

  1. We might think that it’s an individual’s effort that makes them wealthy, but the rich believe that it takes a village

Those financially endowed know that to build wealth is a team effort, and they concentrate most of their efforts in finding the appropriate people to influence with their visions, ideas and actions. The great fortunes are achieved through collective physical and mental contributions of a superlative team. Siebold insists that wealth creation and it’s thoughtsare impacted greatly by who you surround yourself with.

  1. We may believe that money making is very complicated, rich people believe making money is simple

The masses always considered that rich people are more educated, smarter, or luckier. Of course this is not true. The wealthy know that money comes from problem solving and ideas and, he confirms that the greater the solution, bigger is the paycheck. Making money is not easy, but it certainly isn’t complicated. There is no great secret or mystery about becoming rich, but the limits we put on ourselves stops us from even trying.

  1. Time and labor is what we think makes people rich, but rich folks think that thinking is what makes them rich

The middle class tend to look at money in a linear manner and truly believe that one secret to making more money is by putting in longer hours. The wealthy realize that big money needs channelizing your thinking in more non-linear parameters. The rich realize that thinking creatively is an amazing skill to have and training yourself to think of creative solutions to tough problems is what will make you money.

  1. We believe that money controls but the wealthy believe money liberates

The rich look at money as a constructive tool with the power to generate opportunities and freedom for themselves and their loved ones. By the other hand, the average Joe believes that money is a great oppressor.  The wealthy perceive money to be a critical resource with seemingly endless possibilities, the less wealthy demonizes it and denys its importance. With such a mindset, most people do not have much?

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