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Would you believe that some famous celebrities whom you thought had passed away or had been in retirement are still very much alive and working?  The Golden Age of Hollywood is deemed as such because it produced the best actors and actresses that the film industry has ever had.  What is amazing is that some of these living legends, at their old age, are still very much strong and energetic, which is probably why they have maintained a lot of money in their bank accounts.  Some stars have chosen cosmetic surgery to retain their youthful appearance, while others decided to maintain their natural beauty and grow old gracefully.  One star attribute her longevity to a healthy diet, while another seems to have luck on his side because he escaped life threatening situations, too many times in his life.

Barbara Eden, 86 Years Old

The television show I Dream of Jeannie is what catapulted the actress Barbara Eden to full-pledged fame.  Although she is already enjoying her retirement, people can still sometimes watch her famed TV show during reruns.  Aside from acquiring a lot of money on her bank account because of her acting jobs, she also earned an income through the book memoir she wrote that became a best-seller.

Mel Brooks, 91 Years Old

Mel Brooks is one of the few in Hollywood who can act, direct, write, produce, and compose music.  He is also one of the few actors who have collected the EGOT awards or the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Awards.  Yes, he has collected trophies for all those award giving bodies.  At 91, the Hollywood-all-around guy shows no signs of stopping, because he has two films to be shown this year and 2019.  It’s okay to work at an old age, as long as seniors have a full coverage health plan or medical insurance.

Betty White, 96 Years Old

Beloved actress Betty White’s career began through small radio jobs in the 1940s because movie studio executives though she was not photogenic enough.  Although hardly believable, that story is true.  Now White holds the record for the longest running career of a female entertainer on television, and the actress is showing no signs of any retirement plan in place.  When the concern of most people her age are healthcare and medical insurance, White’s concerns are mainly about memorizing scripts for movies and television shows she will appear in.

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