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Celebrity Power Couples – Who’s The Richer Partner?

Celebrity power couples have existed ever since Hollywood came into existence. Of course, today, power couples are no longer limited to the field of entertainment; there are also those from sports, politics, and many more. So, what does it take for a famous couple to be called a ‘power couple’? It’s simple really, one ingredient is the influence the couple has in the field they are in, and each partner should have sizable accounts.

Although the list we rounded up is composed of couples who we can say give us serious ‘relationship goals,’ but even if they end up getting a divorce in the future, surely with their large net worths, financial advisors must have advised each of these celebrities to get a prenuptial agreement before tying the knot with their respective partners.

Jennifer Lopez ~ $400 Million/Alex Rodriguez ~ $350 Million

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez already sought the help of divorce attorneys in the past to end their previous marriages, a few times more for the singer-actress, in fact. Yet, they are very willing to try marriage again since they recently got engaged. They appear to be the perfect match for one another, even if the respective fields they excel in are pretty much poles apart.

Lopez is a Hollywood actress, singer, and dancer, while Rodriguez is a former Major League Baseball player. But their reported net worth is very close to each other, but Lopez has $50 million more richer than Rodriguez with a $400 million net worth, while the MLB star’s net worth stands at $350 million.

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