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Famous Celebrities and their Star Kids at the Same Age

When famous celebrities get married and have children, people cannot help but expect that their offspring will eventually inherit their good looks.  Of course, it is to be expected as well that these well-known parents would also pass on their vast wealth, especially when they reach the age of retirement.  A sort-of “passing the torch”, especially if their kids also inherited the talents that made them famous in the first place. Although not quite pronounced, most kids of famous celebrities do tend to head on the same industry that their parents earned their fame and money from.  Let’s sneak a peek at the celebs who made our list and what their progenies look like at the same age!

Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson at Age 25

A young Goldie Hawn placed beside her daughter Kate Hudson will definitely pass as her twin sister.  Aside from inheriting most of her mother’s facial features, Kate has also gotten Goldie’s golden locks.  Mother most probably passed on to her daughter her secret hair products to maintain that beautiful crowning glory, because even at 72, Goldie’s blonde hair is as thick and as beautiful as when she was younger.


Janet Leigh and Jamie Lee Curtis at Age 20

We bet Janet Leigh, who is best known for her role as the victim in the thriller movie, Psycho, never imagined her daughter’s entrance in Hollywood will be through a slasher movie as well.  Jamie Lee Curtis will definitely pass a Hollywood DNA test, because aside from becoming an actress like her mom, she certified her belongingness by first appearing in the classic slasher film, Halloween.  If you are wondering if Jamie inherited Janet’s scream as well? Go ahead and rent the two movies and see for yourself.

Robert Pine and Chris Pine in Their 30s

If you have a father whose best feature is his piercing blue eyes, wouldn’t you want to inherit that if you have the choice.  Well, as fate would have it, Robert Pine was able to pass on his best feature to his son, Chris Pine.  Robert’s presence in Hollywood spans decades, but we would assume he is happy with what his son has achieved at present with his career.  Chris Pine has proven his worth in Hollywood, and has built million around $20 in net worth, so he does not depend on any inheritance from dad.  Some of hit films he recently starred-in are the Star Trek series, Wonder Woman, and the still-showing, A Wrinkle in Time.

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