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Globetrotting Celebrities and their Amazing Private Jets & Yachts- We bet They Have Crazy Insurance Plans For These

Celebrities are known for their lavish lifestyle, and what’s more extravagant than owning your very own private plane and a luxury yacht? Celebs do a lot of traveling around the world, so doing it in comfort and style without a need for commercial flights (or boat, for that matter) is a way of life for the biggest and brightest stars. They just simply charter the biggest baddest pair of wings or boat, better still, they just go ahead and buy them!

 Here are some well-known personalities and their private jets and luxury yachts that would make anyone jealous.

Justin Bieber – Gulfstream G4, ~$60 Million

Justin Bieber is still one of the most famous artists of today, so it’s no surprise that he’s loaded. To give you have an idea, he’s so rich that he’s able to afford a Gulfstream G4 that is worth around $60 million. His private jet can accommodate up to 14 passengers. He and his celebrity friends must have parties in the sky while jet-setting on vacations.

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