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In Memoriam – The Stars We Love And Miss

There’s no escaping it, death is an important part of life. But death doesn’t have to be seen as a negative thing. Some cultures celebrate death when a beloved friend, family member or even celebrity passes away, like the day of the dead. Here you’ll find a list of famous stars from the stage and screen who have passed away over the years without the love they deserved. We hope that they’ve left behind for their families, cars and car, their jewellery, real estate and insurance and no mortgages or inheritance of debts! Here’s a memorial to them.

Anthony Bourdain — Passed Away At Age 61

Anthony Bourdain, a celebrate chef, author, and television host, died at the age of 61 from a very sad cause – he has taken his own life.  There is no word yet if the famous TV personality has suffered any kind of mental illnesses such as depression or other reasons on why decided to end his life.  He was found in his Strasbourg, France hotel room unresponsive.  He was there to filming an episode of his famous CNN show, Parts Unknown.

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