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Hollywood’s Symbol of Status: Iconic Photos of Famous Movie Stars with Their Cadillacs

The Golden Age of Hollywood is called so because it was the period where enormous amounts of money were spent in making movies, and when show business produced movie stars who best represented the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. The Golden Age of cinema started from the end of the silent film era, right until the beginning of the 1960s.  During this period, one of the symbols for for Hollywood stardom was the Cadillac. Owning one meant that you had made it big in show business, and it didn’t matter if you paid for it in cash straight from the bank or had to apply for an auto loan.  If these Cadillacs still exist today, they would definitely be auctioned off at sky-high prices. Here are some of the classic stars of Hollywood posing with their equally iconic Cadillacs.

Bing Crosby

Singer and actor Bing Crosby, who rose to fame in the 1930s, had a very unique style of singing that and is believed to have been influenced many other great singers who followed after him, such as Dean Martin, Perry Como, and Ole’ Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra.  The Academy Award-winning actor did not get his custom-made Cadillac delivered to his home from a car dealership; instead he picked it up straight from the factory, which was apparently something you could do back then! He is seen in a 1947 dated photo, posing with his brand new car.

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