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Unbelievable Homes of the Most Famous British Stars

We cannot deny the fact that famous celebrities want to take things to the next level most of the time.  This is especially the case when they are faced with competition from fellow actors and actresses.  If one splurges money from his or her bank account on a lavish vacation, another celebrity will take it to the next level by vacationing more ostentatiously.  The same goes for where the rich and famous live.  Armed with massive net worth, these famous celebs do not need home equity loans to buy their homes, nor do they need to worry about home insurance.  If you ever wonder where your favorite stars live, especially the ones who hail from the United Kingdom, take a look at our list of unbelievable homes of the most famous British stars.

Adele: West Sussex, ~ $9.4 Million

Say ‘Hello’ to this gorgeous estate of the woman with an extraordinary voice, music superstar Adele.  With a massive net worth that equates to a lot of money in her bank account, people are not surprised that the singer was able to afford this house that looks more like a castle to us!  Adele did not need any home equity loan to purchase this Tudor-style Lock House that’s said to have been built in 1900, because she apparently rented it for a year, between 2011 and 2012.  The singer may have composed her hit songs in any of the 13 bedrooms that the home has.  The West Sussex Manor also boasts of an indoor swimming pool, a loggia, and a ballroom.

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