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Homes of Golden Age Celebrities Who are Still Living it Large

Fame may be forever, but bank accounts aren’t, which is why it’s not unheard of for celebrities with the best savings accounts to seek the help of bankruptcy attorneys after some really bad financial planning. It is, indeed, sad when this happens. Luckily for these celebrities from the famed Golden Age of Hollywood, their wealth management seems to be on point with the help of their capable financial advisors or being just by being financially prudent themselves. Despite having been enjoying their well-deserved retirement for years—even decades—now, they are still happily enjoying the fruits of their net worth. Not only do they get the best senior care, but they also enjoy stately estates that gives new meaning to senior living.

Sean Connery, 88 years old – Marbella, ~ $7.4 million

Veteran actor Sean Connery had a long and very illustrious career that spanned a whopping 50 years until he officially finally went into retirement in 2006. He is most remembered for being the first—and for some, the best—James Bond, as well as for his many critically-acclaimed performances, including in The Untouchables, which won him an Academy Award. He famously lived in the Spanish resort town of Marbella for many years. Unfortunately, massive development in the area raised concerns about his privacy, so he and his wife Micheline Roquebrune were forced to sell their beautiful villa over the ocean in the 90s for a very cool $7.4 million.

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