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These Places in Switzerland Comes Celebrity-Approved!

Switzerland has been the go-to place for most A-listers as it has everything from beautiful skiing facilities, stunning scenery, and cities which are a melting pot of music, art, and culture and is appropriate for celebs needing discreet getaways far from media’s prying eyes. Switzerland offers an impeccable range of services for celebs to keep coming back to this slice of heaven. Find out more about the most beautiful and luxurious places for celebs to visit.


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Julie Andrews has always loved this exotic village, while iconic couple, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton had bought a chalet here in the 1970’s. Their life-like images have pride of place in the Gstaad Palace Hotel lobby. The celebrity resort attracts celebs like Madonna, Valentino, Anne Hathaway, and others. Some famous residents include Johnny Hallyday, Bernie Ecclestone, and honorary citizen, Julie Andrews.


Zermatt is a beautiful, eco-friendly, Swiss ski resort for celebs as it is far away from celebrity-hounding paparazzi. Valais offers sweeping images of picturesque Matterhorn with breath-taking views of this gorgeous place on electric cars, as an epitome of clean living. Celebs who bought luxurious chalets here are Abba’s Frida Lyngstad, Phil Collins, among others. Stars, who ski on snow-capped undulating mountains here, are Robbie Williams, Sting, Nicole Kidman, and footballer Thierry Henry. With many scenic hotspots to choose, the mountain restaurant Chez Vrony, the Cervo ( for après-ski drinks) stand out , while The Vernissage that packs in an entertainment bonanza such as bar, restaurant, cinema, night-club, and viewing-gallery in one place.


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For incredible skiing options, awesome party atmosphere, and Hollywood celeb sightings, Verbier, in Switzerland, is hard to beat. Verbier loyalists include Jason Streatham, Bono, the Beckhams, Ronan Keating, and James Blunt (owns local restaurant, La Vache). Verbier’s other fans owning properties here are The Duke and Duchess of York and Richard Branson who owns The Lodge whose per week prices are very high, during peak season. The Coco Club and Farb Club are two hotspots that celebs love as they get a chance to forget celebrity status with a huge crowd milling around, ensuring they are a part of the crowd.


Hitchcock’s favourite place keeps attracting celebs such as Charlie Chaplin, Robert De Niro, Elizabeth Hurley, John Travolta, and others at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in St Moritz, the original skiing hub. The luxurious Graubünden resort hosted two Winter Olympics and attracts the sophisticated crowd. The British steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal and the Heineken family have been residents in this gorgeous place. Mario’s bar at Badrutt’s, the Dracula Club at the Kulm Hotel  and the casino at Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains are among scores of other visitor hotspots.


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Montreux attracts the artsy celebrity crowd such as Lord Byron, Mary and Percy Shelley, since ages. The musical hub hosts the popular Montreux Jazz Festival. Freddie Mercury called it his ‘soul’ place. Montreux inspires musicians such as Queen and David Bowie, who recorded their albums right here. Other notable celebs who love this place were Ernest Hemingway, Graham Greene, Charlie Chaplin,  and Vladimir Nabokov.

You can appreciate why Switzerland is the ultimate visit place for celebrities to soak in scenic sights, far from the hustle and bustle of glamorous life-styles, on their own without the annoying paparazzi recording every move.

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