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Tom Hanks’ Airstream Trailer was Auctioned Off and You’ll be Surprised to Know How Much It’s Worth!

Every good performing artist requires personal space to plan and execute shots during shooting stints and for cooling off after the daily grind. For three decades, thespian Tom Hanks has given audiences and fans memorable performances. His acting skills have profoundly affected the entire entertainment industry, leading to numerous awards.

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Tom Hanks worked on highly acclaimed films, spending breaks in his customised Airstream Trailer. Hanks now proposes selling his portable home.


Tom Hanks is one of the most popular, recognized actors in Hollywood, who started his acting career with comedy roles that resulted in breakthrough roles and garnered a positive attraction due to audience support. Some superb earlier works include Bachelor Party, Splash, and A League of Their Own. His portrayal of an AIDS-stricken lawyer in the movie “Philadelphia” enabled winning two Academy Awards. Later on, as he matured as an actor, he secured better roles and made a rare successful transition from a comedy actor by taking more sensitive and serious roles. Letting go of the past need not always be sad as it enables room for new possessions. Possibly this inspired Hanks to auction off his 1992 Airstream trailer that has been with him for about three decades. The actor bought the trailer in 1993 giving a unique touch by customizing it. As he longer needs it, Hanks believes it’s time for someone else to enjoy it. In an interview, the star revealed that the yester-year movies, were not as fast-paced as today’s movies, and that precisely is why he no longer needs his cozy aluminum trailer.


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Tom Hanks wasn’t fond of regular trailers, inspiring his purchase of the Airstream. While the exterior remained the same, the interior was completely remodelled. The trailer is 33 feet long, comfortably furnished with a couch, a bed, table and chair set, and a faux fireplace besides its own bathroom, and a personally signed air conditioner. Everything you need is tucked into a small cosy space. This 1993 Airstream Trailer is on sale for an estimated $150,000 to $250000 presale.


If buying an Airstream, and treat it decently, you could recover a sizeable portion of what you paid when you sell it. Airstreams retain values better than most other brands. Like cars, a new Airstream loses a portion of its value when it leaves the lot. But buying a used model saves much money and selling it later for the same amount, is possible and you may even make a profit. For any possible deal, negotiating ensures a great price. For the best value, a re-sold Airstream in extremely good condition is difficult to find! But a new model holds its value far better than others, if good care is taken. Some have sold their first Airstream after just 3 years of rigorous travel, usually suffering a 10K loss from the purchase price. Airstreams have great third-party equipment, but you may buy a cheaper trailer, install top of the line fridge, range, etc. paying less overall.  If customization bothers you, Airstream ensures quality components.


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Tom Hanks’s custom Airstream Trailer, full of memorabilia and autographs included, sold for $235,200 when it was sold at an auction during Monterey Car Week.

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