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8 Craziest Kickstarter Projects Ever

Okay — so you have an idea, and you think crowdfunding is the way to get it out there. These 8 ideas are a perfect proof that even the craziest ones have a chance. Or maybe they are not so crazy after all.

These days everything seems to start on Kickstarter. In their effort to spur growth against their main rival Indiegogo, their new rules have paved a road for a whole new world of creative ideas.

These stood out as the craziest things to ever get funded on Kickstarter.

Potato Salad

One guy decided that he wanted to crowdfund for making a potato salad. Zack “Danger” Brown started his campaign with a simple $10 goal to make a potato salad. He earned nearly $60k.

Griz Coat

These guys appealed to the mass market and somehow succeeded. Almost 200 people donated more than $29k to make this weirdness happen. Since their campaign was a success, they have profited enough to make different versions of the coat, such as wolf, pink bear, and panda. Believe it or not, these things retail for $199.99.

Combat Kitchenware

No matter how angry you are with someone, making this type of kitchenware would probably never cross your mind. Well, it seems that LARPers had a desire to make their kitchenware look like the weapons which you could find on “Game of Thrones”, and the fighting man’s frying pan was born! Kitchenware frying pan is generally the ultimate egg-frying appliance for every household, and this strange one received $46.261 from 561 backers.

My Little Po-Mo

Jed A. Blue is a blogger, who happens to be a heavyset man with a goatee, ponytail and a shirt that says “Occupy Ponyville”, who also wrote a compilation of academic essays onMy Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. He asked for a little over $1000 to turn his blog about adorable little horses into a book, and 30 people made that happen. Actually, they went so far as to fund the second volume of his book. Go figure?

Sacco Coin Sack

Apparently, if you make something that the gaming community might like, it will be funded. Richly. This sack is (according to its maker) an “excellent supplement to the minimalistic wallet.” It can hold a handful of coins, gaming dice, jewelry and more. This coin purse is about the size of an egg, incredibly impractical and it somehow managed to earn $14.650 from 556 backers.

Launch a Tardis into space

We all know and love Doctor Who and his police phone booth of a vehicle that is a lot bigger on the inside, but it seems that there are those who love it a lot. There were multiple attempts to send a real Tardis into space, and in one of those, Doctor Who fans gave nearly $90k to make this idea a reality. Unfortunately, there’s no word on whether this actually happened, or if it is going to happen. The last Twitter page for this campaign wasn’t updated in a while. Sadly for those who gave money for this, Kickstarter clearly states in their user agreement that it is the creator’s job to complete the project, which basically means that you can’t complain to them or ask for your money back.

Drop a piano onto a champagne tower

Yep, it sounds weird, but that is exactly what an artist named Rainger Pinney and his accomplice Jonah Emerson-Bell wanted to do. His Kickstarter introduction stated that some ideas are so big and strange that they need to come to fruition and cross the boundary from the imagination into reality.

He was very persuasive apparently, as he even surpassed his $2300 goal. He needed this money to drop a decrepit baby grand piano 60 feet onto a glass tower made of 385 champagne glasses, purchase polycarbonate and plywood necessary to protect the spectators and the equipment, as well as pay for lights, cameras, and microphones that recorded this escapade.

Wengash Silver Anti-Radiation Underwear

For all those who are worried about radiation hurting their sperm, eggs or reproductive organs or being bothered by unpleasant odors lingering in their underwear, this product is just what they need. It seems that the future is so bright that we have to wear silver underpants. And while you are now thinking if these are needed or not, enough people backed this idea to make the creator’s dream a reality.

So if you have an idea, even the craziest one, don’t dismiss it easily. Give it some thought, and if you are able to present it properly, to be persuasive, you can even raise enough money on Kickstarter. Who knows what it might come of it?

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