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How to Get Your Housing Loan Approved

Many people are not aware of the basic requirements when they try to get a housing loan. They usually jump at the prospect of homeownership after hearing reports of dropping interest rates and property prices without realizing that the despite getting a housing loan approved is pretty tedious.

Things would be a lot better if people decided to educate themselves about how to get their housing loan approved because it would save them from the disappointment of being rejected by the lenders.

How can people ensure they get their hosting loan approved?

When SoFi launched in 2011, it focused squarely on the burgeoning student loan market – a market that, unlike housing, had no viable option to refinance both federal and private student loans from higher interest-rate eras. Kayla Tausche

Understanding Their Credit Score Will Help

It just takes a few minutes to obtain their credit report and despite the ease of getting the report many home buyers never review their scores and submit their application confident in the knowledge they have the scores necessary to qualify. Homebuyers also display a sense of negligence and not consider the possibility of identity theft. Credit scores and credit activity can have a major impact on housing loan approvals because lenders are not willing to consider applications from people who have credit scores below 680. Therefore people are advised to keep a close tab on their credit scores before they submit an application for a housing loan.

Down Payment

People who are considering an investment in a home and submitting an application for a housing loan are advised to set aside at least 20% of the value of the property for the down payment which will be demanded by the lenders. The days of obtaining a zero down payment no longer exist and therefore people must begin to save their money well in advance before submitting their application for the mortgage. If they do not pay enough attention to this matter they can rest assured their housing loan will not be approved.

Staying At Your Job

When going through the process of buying a home or applying for a housing loan it is extremely important for you to stay with your employer. Any changes in the status of your employment can delay the process of the housing loan or even result in a rejection of your application. Therefore it is crucial for applicants of a housing loan to hold on to their job.

Reducing And Paying off Debt

When making an application for a housing loan people are advised to reduce existing debt and avoid fresh debt at all costs. The total outstanding’s owed will determine whether the application will be approved or not by the lenders.

Lenders are calculating the debt to income ratio before approving the housing loan. Therefore it would be essential for applicants to understand this factor and pay off their debts before making the application and refrain from creating fresh debt until the housing loan has been approved.

Trying to Get A Preapproved Housing Loan

Trying to get a preapproved hosting loan will prove beneficial because people will have an opportunity to look for a property of their choice and liking and choose a property that will fit comfortably within their budget. Moreover, it will make it better for them to look around at different properties without the hassle of any concerns bothering them about whether their housing loan will be approved or not.

I had begun to worry about the housing market back in 2003, when lenders first resurrected interest-only mortgages, loosening their credit standards to generate a greater volume of loans. Throughout 2004, I had watched as these mortgages were offered to more and more subprime borrowers – those with the weakest credit. Michael Burry


People who do not qualify for the housing loan will be dejected but are advised not to be discouraged because they are getting an opportunity to get their credit scores and finances in order. Many people have faced worse situations and still managed to get over them simply because they were motivated to purchase their first home with a housing loan. People are just required to prepare a realistic plan and to work the plan in order to get their housing loan approved.

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