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How to Pay Your Bills on Time

Paying your monthly bills according to schedule is quick and easy and can save you exorbitant sums of money during the long-term. When you are trying to be on schedule with your monthly payments you are also required to be organized for the administrative tasks and set time aside to complete the payments.

You may have a number of outgoings which need to be paid including mortgages, credit card bills, rent, utility bills, cable bills, student loans and several others that belong become due during different times of the month. It will be essential for you to remain in full control of your accounts because this is not just a responsibility which you can ignore. Any errors in this regard will damage your credit ratings and make it difficult for you to obtain finances from lending institutions when it is most required. You may develop the impression that this is a difficult task but you must understand it is rather simple to complete the task to try to understand how to pay your bills on time.

Organizing payments can help pay your bills on time

Start by making a note of your bill cycle. Your budget must consider your income, expenses and all your bills. When you begin organizing your bills you must also include the due dates of the bills along with your income schedule. Some of your bills will be due earlier than the rest and therefore it is essential for you to organize the bills according to the dates they need to be paid.

Make a note of the paycheck you will use to pay each bill. You may use your first paycheck for payments that are due in the initial part of the month and the other paychecks for the payments that are due later. If you find a shortage of cash to pay the bills on the due dates you should be contacting the companies and requesting them to move the due dates. While credit card companies and student loan issuers are more likely to change the due date you may not have this flexibility with providers of utilities and rent.

“A pile of bills and statements – whether paid or not – is a sign that someone is clueless about what’s coming in and going out.”Suze Orman

File your paper bills

Purchasing a filing cabinet or getting some hanging folders will make it easier for you to file your paper bills. Label each folder with the kind of bill it contains and if you make a payment immediately upon receipt you should be marking the bill as paid. If you intend to pay the bill at a later date you should be keeping the bills aside with your checks or make a payment online.

  • Highlight the due date of the bill immediately upon receipt.
  • Store the bill in the paying area to ensure you do not lose them. Putting your bills away before making a payment will increase the chances of forgetting it and therefore you should be storing them in the appropriate folder.
  • After you have paid the bills you have the option of storing them for future reference, shredding the bill or simply throwing it away.
  • You can also use your computer to scan the bills for making electronic payments.

Creating folders for electronic payments

You also need to keep track of your electronic bills and this can easily be achieved by creating folders within your email account. Most browsers allow you to create multiple folders and therefore you can create a folder for every bill you have. It will be easier for you to keep a track of your bills if you maintain them in a detailed manner.

Making your payments

Filing your bills and creating folders is not the only thing you will have to do. You must also set aside the time needed to pay your monthly bills. You are generating an income monthly you may prefer to pay your bills in the same manner. On the other hand, if you are drawing weekly wages you may have to set aside four days in a month for the payments. Organizing your bills will be your primary task but your objective must be to make payments of the bills according to schedule because if you do not you will never have learned how to pay your bills on time.

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