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Who Should Take The Blame For The Activities of Cyber Criminals

Online Services and a number of websites have made easier for us to make payments, shop, reserve vacations and even to work. These actions can be completed without moving an inch from the comfort of your home. Our lives became easier with the advent of the Internet but the same also applies to cyber criminals who begin peddling some of the top online scams to cheat people of their money.

People who are constantly on the Internet will have enough information about these online scams some of which have been doing the rounds for quite some time. Unfortunately quite a few people fall prey to these scams which are promising large sums of money in return for personal information or a small amount of cash. Recently calls have been received by people from individuals who claimed to be representing the IRS and demanded unpaid taxes and even issued tracts of incarceration unless they were paid a certain sum of money by way of bank transfer immediately. This scam which has emanated from Asia was quite popular for the perpetrators because they managed to scam people of millions of dollars.

The interesting thing about cybercrime and the whole cyber world is that many of the people that are most proficient in it are young people, really young people. Patricia Arquette

Why do people fall for such scams?

No clear data is available as to why people continue to fall for such scams despite being warned about them by the media and the cyber crime cell. A scam from Asia was perpetrated over the telephone and therefore it can be assumed that people were scared into believing they could face unwanted problems unless they paid a certain sum of money. Online scams are however different because people have the option of ignoring the messages that are sent or report them to the concerned authorities. Unfortunately, a number of people are constantly believing the message senders and are even responding to messages that are promising a few hundred million dollars in exchange for a few thousand. Is it greed that is persuading people to fall for these scams? Are people unaware that they would be victims of identity theft which could bring upon them untold miseries? Are people just plain foolish to believe hyperlinks they had never seen before and click on them when they are fully aware of the scams that are ongoing? Regardless of what the reason is people are regularly and consistently getting into trouble by falling for the top online scams which are presently used by cyber criminals.

Who is the target audience of cyber criminals?

Cyber criminals usually try to target the elderly who may not have enough information about the latest happenings over the Internet. However, they do not spare the average individual and also try to target them quite often. The messages they send can reach any individual and people without adequate knowledge about how they should safeguard themselves from cyber criminals often find themselves as victims of money laundering schemes from Nigeria and the phishing schemes which are ongoing throughout the world.

Over the past few years, cyber criminals are getting sophisticated and are developing new methods to scam people. Some are offering guaranteed bank loans or credit cards and many others are simply looking to steal personal information which they can later use for their benefit. Unfortunately, a tendency has been noticed among people of all ages to fall prey to these scams despite the understanding that the benefits being promised will never materialize. Therefore it must be confirmed that greed is the only factor which is allowing cyber criminals to function without fear in the market.

The annual cost of cybercrime to the global economy is more than $4 billion Mark Rutte

Can cyber criminals be controlled by the authorities?

It would be difficult to confirm whether authorities will find a way to gain control over cyber criminals. The authorities certainly have the methods to identify the location of the perpetrator along with the systems being used for conducting the activity. However, it must be understood that the Internet has shrunk the world and cyber criminals have the option of working from a location of their choice.

The law enforcement agencies are severely restricted in the type of actions they can take especially when they could be dealing with a criminal that could be working from a remote location. People who are falling prey to these scams can blame the Internet or the law enforcement agencies as being ineffective in dealing with cyber criminals. However, they must also accept the blame for allowing these criminals to work unhindered by giving them information about their greed and making it possible for them to develop new scams regularly.

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