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These Tips Can Help You Stay Debt-Free

If you intend to become debt free in 2017 you must be prepared to face some facts. You can consider yourselves in debt if you have reached your overdraft limit and your credit card bills are returning to haunt you. You should be concerned about the matter because it can bring upon you plenty of trouble.

Concerned as you may be you must also understand that good news is just around the corner because there is something that you can do about it. This is the perfect time to create a plan to become debt-free by the end of the year by using some of the tips provided in this article. However, you must also understand that you cannot forget these tips after you have become debt-free. You need to maintain your debt-free status for the future as well unless you want to remain with your concerns throughout your life.

The cost of college education today is so high that many young people are giving up their dream of going to college, while many others are graduating deeply in debt. Bernie Sanders

Understanding your debts will help you to become debt free

Things may not be as bad as they may seem if you begin identifying all the debts including your overdraft. It will be even better if you try to understand how much you are paying in interest or fees on each type of debt. The exercise will help you to prioritize your payments. The best methods to achieve this objective would be to have a close look at your

The best methods to achieve this objective would be to have a close look at your credit report. You will not be required to spend any money to look at the report because some agencies offer you an opportunity to do so for free.

When considering a debt-free life rethink your spending

If you have decided to lead a debt-free life you must begin focusing on spending less and using the money saved to pay back more. Therefore you will have identified the problem to understand whether you are a spendthrift or you are facing a drop in your income. Identifying these problems will help you to create a plan that will make you debt free soon.


Some type of debts is more dangerous than the others. Falling behind on your mortgage can make you lose your home and you could end up in jail if you fail to pay council taxes.

If you fall behind on credit card debts you will lose plenty of money and therefore you must take into account the type of debts that are outstanding and prioritize your payments.

Talking to your lenders

Having a discussion with your lenders is particularly helpful if you are falling behind on debt payments. Mortgage lenders are required to help you to come to an agreement for a better way to repay your debt which includes extending the term of your mortgage. Similarly, credit card issuers and offer you a reduction in interest charges when you have a discussion with them. It will be easy for you to come to an understanding with your lenders if you are prepared to talk to them to reach an amicable settlement.

Cutting down your spending

You can go through your bank and credit card statements to identify your spending patterns. Thereafter you should rethink your spending habits by cutting out the unwanted stuff and just concentrating on the essentials.

Debt can be the most addictive thing in the universe, and it can kill you. You get used to living high off the hog. It was intoxicating. Harvey Weinstein

Moving your money

You may be able to move on your debts to a 0% credit card but it shouldn’t give you the impression that you are getting the best deal. This is not an option to cancel your debts but is just an opportunity that will allow you to buy more time. You can also consider taking a personal loan at a lower interest than is charged by your cards and use the money to clear the expensive debts. After you have become debt-free it is essential for you to understand you cannot afford to become debt ridden all over again.

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