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Tricks On Preventing Yourself From Using Your Credit Card

Almost every working professional has at least one or two credit cards in their wallet. A lot of people know that credit cards are actually considered as their best friends, and at the same time, their worst nightmare. Come to think of it, credit cards help you buy anything your heart desires with just one swipe, but then again the time will come, that it will remind you that everything in this world has a price, and you have to pay for it.

That is why it is not exactly ideal to splurge with the use of credit cards since this would mean that you might end up not living within your means. It is true that credit cards help people in a way, but then again, it is sometimes best for you to just simply get rid of it from your life. Here are a couple of tricks for you to avoid using your credit cards.

“The fact is, nearly 75 percent of Americans who use credit cards make only the minimum payment each month. At that rate, you could spend the next thirty years paying back a $3,000 credit card debt and give the financial institution $8,000 worth of interest, and that is the principle of compound interest in reverse.” Raymond McHenry


This option is actually the best for those people who are dedicated into really wanting to stop themselves from using their credit cards.

Inactivating your credit card would leave you no choice but to live without a credit card, you will no longer have to fight the urge to get something that you don’t really need, you also wouldn’t need to worry about splurging so much and worrying that you will overspend. It will be extremely tough, especially for those who always rely on their credit cards, but the advantages are just for your own good.


If you don’t want to have a negative effect on your credit score that’s why you don’t want to close it, it is best to actually keep them out of sight. There are a lot of ways for you to not be tempted to use it, such as getting it out of your wallet and leaving it at home all the time, as well as making sure that you’re going to keep it to a place where it will give you a hard time to get it out.


Most people think that cash is so inconvenient, whereas that’s just the normal way to actually pay for purchases. It would hurt to bring cash around especially if you know what you’re going to buy and where you are headed. If you don’t want to bring a huge amount of cash with you and you know that you will be buying something that costs a lot, there is always a debit card. A debit card is different from a credit card because you don’t need to borrow money, instead, you will be using your own money with the use of the card. This would definitely keep you from overspending.


It is always great to set up a budget so that you wouldn’t need to worry about spending too much on something. Credit cards keep you from sticking to your budget since you could simply get something that you don’t really not or you’re not planning to buy, with a single swipe.

“The thing about credit cards s that they assume an importance in our lives that takes them far beyond an innocuous piece of plastic in our wallet, directly to the heart of the way we live. A credit card is a ‘frenemy’, loved and hated in equal measure, and that trouble is that once you get used to the idea of supplementing your income with someone else’s cash, it becomes a difficult habit to break.”Allison Trait

It will, of course, be difficult at first especially if you are actually used to using your credit cards every time you purchase something. It is best to start slow, if you have two or more, start with using just one, and then after like a week, try to use other alternatives just like the ones from above, to actually prevent you from using credit cards.

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