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5 Practical Wealth Strategies We Can Borrow From Bill And Melinda Gates

Bill Gates and his wife Melinda are two of the smartest people in this lifetime, but what not too many people know is that they are more than just the founders of Microsoft. They too are investment geniuses and have impacted the society around them with their various charitable works. Here are some strategies that this couple swears by.

Success of Cascade Investments

Cascade Investments has been a huge success since it was born in 1995. Michael Larson is the man behind the firm’s and reports say the company has generated a compound annual return of 11 percent from the moment it started.

When the company began, Bill Gates was worth $5 billion. This has since grown to how much Bill Gates is worth today due to smart investment decisions, with the help of Larson. Gates diversified his portfolio under Cascade Investments into the likes of Canadian National Railway, Coca Cola, Berkshire Hathaway, and more. They also own 45 percent of the Four Seasons Hotel.

Cascade Investments’ success could be very visible in the fact that Bill Gates had accumulated wealth that surpasses the amount that he had invested philanthropically. As of this date, Gates has invested more than $38 billion to his own charity.

“Connect deeply with others. Our humanity is the one thing that we all have in common.” Melinda Gates

Develop a Donation Strategy

While Bill and Melinda Gates are currently the richest couple alive, one of their most notable outputs is their charitable foundation. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is one of the best in its category that co-billionaire and investment guru Warren Buffet even donated more than 90 percent of his entire net worth to it before, saying that he was impressed with where donations to this foundation goes.

A lot of charities are de-emphasizing outreach that asks for donations while evoking pity. The trend of a poverty stricken child’s face appealing to emotions to solicit donations is already on its way out. For Bill and Melinda Gates, they took an entirely different approach. They focused on what the biggest inequities are and the problems capitalism is ineffective at solving.

Real Estate Investments

Bill and Melinda Gates are very popular for founding Microsoft, but their wealth is more than just the popular operating system for personal computers. They have an investment portfolio that is very diverse and that includes real estate. Some of their notable purchases include a private island and a sprawling estate.

The place the couple calls home, Xanadu, is an ocean side lounge that is over 66,000 square feet with 500 feet of private waterfront on Lake Washington. Their home features top of the line technology and gadgets that surrounds six kitchens, twenty four bathrooms and six fireplaces. Almost every amenity in their home is controlled by computers.

Pick Charities with the Greatest Impact

While their charitable foundation is one of the best that is out there, what most people might not notice is that the coverage of their institution is effective at having an impact in the areas they value. Figuring out your local charities might be easier for you than the global ones. When you give money somewhere close to home, you get an idea how good the organization is.

Education is Very Valuable

Bill Gates is not a college graduate himself, but he values education just as much as his other investments. Their foundation has a vast number of investments in educational funds. The Gate Millenium Scholar Program has committed over $1.37 billion dollars to the United Negro College Fund. This program made it easier for colleges to serve students in need of remedial academic help. The foundation has also invested $23 million into Achieve Inc and the American Diploma Project Network. These are to make sure that high school standards are aligned with college expectations.

Now you know how Bill and Melinda Gates are more than just a tech inclined couple. This all the more makes them admirable, not to mention the fact that they are very humble people. Do you know of any other inspiring Bill and Melinda Gates story?  Share them with us in the comments below.

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