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5 Things Married Couples Should Do To Avoid Fighting Over Money

Fights over money are no joke. Money is one of the most common sources of marital discord and it could be one of the toughest to resolve when left unaddressed. This is because when couples talk about money, they just wing it. They are not aware of why they are really fighting or what significance it has for them. Fights over money have been shown to be the top reason for divorce, so if you find yourself having more arguments with your spouse over this issue, consider these tips.

Be Aware of the Evils of Money

You might just have been married and feel like you are the floating in the clouds. Soon enough, you will realize that all this romance will fade and you wake up to what it really is like to be married, with finances being a big part of it.

You might not have been warned of this before you got married; but unless you entered into an extra marital agreement, you and your spouse are united financially. Everything you own now belongs to him or her too while everything that you will earn is also conjugal property. Some spouses earn more than other while some spend more than others, and this is where a lot of fights begin which would ultimately result in broken marriages.

“Balancing your money is the key to having enough.”Elizabeth Warren

Understand What Money Is

Couples might fight when one spouse splurges. The fight might be about that night when he bought drinks for everyone or when she splurged on an expensive dress, but couples might not actually be aware of what they are really fighting about.

Money is more than just currency. It stands for control, status, freedom and a lot more. To avoid fights over money, you should assess what money really means to you and your spouse. If one of you grew up in a poor household while one did not, you might not see money differently. Different people have different upbringings and see money differently. When you understand what money means to you and your spouse, you can iron out your differences easier.

Discuss Money Differences

Many therapists have stressed the importance of couples being open and explicitly discussing their money differences to alleviate financial tensions amongst them. In your married life, you are very likely to come across this discussion so to make it productive, reflect your approaches to money and who spends or saves more.

After openly discussing, it is important to evaluate what money means to both of you. Those who have tried this would agree that fights about money are not really about it being a medium of exchange. Instead, it is about what money stands for in their lives.

Do Everything with Love

Regardless of where your money arguments or discussion will take you, do remember that you are talking to your spouse. This is the person who you promised you would love till you both grow old and for sure, you did not marry your spouse because of money issues, but did so out of love.

When discussing issues, it is very critical to keep your mind open. You do not have to win a battle or have to prove who is more superior. The key is for both of you to understand one another so that you could set compromises better. Also, both of your should adopt a positive mindset while searching for common ground. It might not be feasible that either of you can completely let go of your deeply entrenched take on money, but it is fair and reasonable to think that with compassion, understanding and respect, you can put an end to a feud that might have been poisoning your marriage for quite some time already.

Make a Budget

Now that you understand each other better and have set compromises, it is time to make a budget. While this would make sure that the bills get paid, you should also make sure that each of you would have a portion that you are not accountable for. Whatever you call that portion, you can allow your spouse to splurge his or her hard earned money once in a while without feeling guilty. This personal space will not make the budget feel too restrictive.

While you and your spouse might have had an argument or two about money, your marriage still has plenty of hope. Money fights might be hard to manage, but taming yourselves when it comes to these is not impossible at all.

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