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Incredible Ways to Make Money

Are you in a desperate need for just a bit more cash? Well, you should be glad to learn that there are simple ways to quickly make money without putting in too much effort.

Whether you need a quick boost to get you through the week or extra cash every month – we have got you covered.

Take a look at the list below and see if any of the ideas we are offering sounds intriguing to you.

Test Websites

For those who do not have a lot of free time and have a basic knowledge of how websites work, this can be an awesome opportunity to do something fun and get out with some extra cash. You can expect to earn up to 20$ per hour, but you will not have enough of work to earn really large sums of money. But, if you just need a slight boost, this just might be what you need. You will need a working PayPal account and simply register to one of the websites that provide the service.

Teach online

There are multiple companies providing online classes to whoever is willing to pay for them, and the thing is, those websites are constantly looking for new teachers as it is not a good option for a full-time job. As long as you are particularly good at something you can try this option out. There are two variables of this service, you can hold live lessons, or record a course and let it make money for you passively. The money earned from live lessons is usually decent while the money earned by the uploaded ones can really be slim. However, if your video tutorials are really good, there can be quite a bit of cash in it for you.

Take surveys online

There are multiple websites that offer you money if you complete surveys. The money is rarely something to write home about, but, if you are fast enough, you can make as much as 500 dollars in the next 30 days. And that definitely sounds promising.

Sell your photos

If you are a professional photographer, or simply have good enough equipment to fake it, try creating stock photos, all it takes is a bit of research and understanding of what type of photos really sells and you might be well on your way to early retirement. While it takes quite a bit of effort to set your account up, once you have a sufficient amount of photos for the potential customers to go through you will start earning money passively and see how big of a difference it can make.


Now, more than ever, we have a wide variety of freelance jobs available anywhere in the world. Thanks to the Internet, we can work for people we would normally never even hear of and that allows you to get some side work in your free time. If you are good at web design or programming you can make upwards of a 1000 dollars a month without working for more than an hour a day on your freelance jobs.

Sell the stuff you no longer need

Now, this is not a long-term fix, but if you need some money soon you should try selling a lot of old junk that is lying around and you know you will simply never use. You can do this with old books, movies, games, or even clothes. Who knows, if your online shop starts working well and you sell all of your stuff, you could make extra money by buying other people’s junk and selling it at a higher rate. But, that already complicates this a bit.

Rent out your room

If you, for whatever reason, have a room in your home that you don’t need, consider renting it out. You can do it on a long-term basis and basically get some money for having a roommate, or on a very short-term basis, and rent out space only during popular events in your city (music or sports festivals).

Walk dogs for money

If you are an active person who loves animals, this might be simply perfect for you. Think about it, you already take a walk every day after work for an hour, why not make some extra money by walking a dog at that time? Added bonus: you get to have company during your usual walk.

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