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Investment Mistakes The Ultra Wealthy People Would Never Make

You might have been repeatedly asking what wealthy people do that you do not do. While these millionaires and billionaires just as hard as us, there are some habits that they stay away from. And here is wherein the secret to success lies… here are some things that no wealthy man or woman would ever do.

Not Investing in Yourself

Your biggest resource is not your money or anything else you might think it would be. Rather, your biggest investment is yourself. This is why education and other ways of self-improvement always pay off in the end over monetary and other investments.

America’s first millionaire Benjamin Franklin once said: “an investment in yourself pays the best interest.” A lot of people just keep working while neglecting how they could improve themselves. This is why many notable employers buy their employees books, send them to travel and seminars, or coach them. You must take this responsibility into your own hands if you want to improve.

Refusing to Face Facts

You might think that you are not a finance expert or a numbers person, so you might just cut yourself from your finances. This could mean that you stop caring about your investments or forget about your bank statements. This, however, will pose great danger later on. Those who have amassed some wealth did not get there by playing deaf on their balance sheets. If you do not face the facts about your financial situation, money will go down the drain like it is just water. This means that you could be deep down in debt and end up really broke when you retire. The truth is, you do not have to be an expert or an investment banker to understand how money works for you. Start by gathering information, such as how much you earn against how you spend. This way, you know how much you are netting each month. Once you get your facts straight, start making thoughtful decisions in growing your money.

Investing Only in Intangible Assets

When regular people think about investing, bonds and stocks are the first to come to mind. This might be because of higher liquidity or other reason why these have become the gold standard of investing, but that does not mean that these kinds of investments are the best.

Wealthy people understand the value of physical assets as well as its advantages over intangible assets. It is very typical for the rich to invest in assets such as real estate, gold, sometimes even antiques and artwork. Real estate has always been considered a popular asset to balance out the volatility of stocks. The only con to these types of investments is that they are not that liquid and have a higher investment price point.

Working for Money

Most people in this world work so that they can have money. Rich people do it the other way around: they let money work for them. They are aware that their money is but a means to get more money. They also know that their money is a by-product of the service that they will render to the marketplace. These kinds of people also know that their material wealth is the sum of their contribution to society. This is why they never work for money.

Rich people intensely study and learn where and when to place their money, while regular folks seem to always struggle to find ways to earn. For the successful, money is the means to make more and not the end goal.


You might stereotype a lot of rich people by the lifestyles that they are able to afford, like exotic trips to expensive beaches or coming home to a closet full of designer clothing. However, self-made wealthy people are more down to earth than you might imagine.

Millionaires are not really out there buying Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Instead, their purchasing decisions are based on their current financial status and goals. They are rich because they are really good in keeping what they earn, instead of spending it.

It is important to know what it takes to get wealthy, but it is just as important to be aware of what not to do to get rich, as well.

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