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5 Outrageous Celebrity Splurges That Shocked Everyone

It is not a big shock that ultra rich celebrities spend their money on useless stuff, in an apparent effort to make them happy. However, there are just some splurges that are out of this world. While some items can be bought for a dollar or two in your local department store, these celebrities take it to the next level by spending a year or two of your salary on the same things. Here are some of them.

Bono Spent $1700 for a Plane Ticket Just For His Hat

Expensive plane tickets are a usual thing for the rich and famous, but it gets ridiculous when a rockstar’s hat gets to enjoy this luxurious flight. Bono is one of the most popular rock icons and had cemented his legacy with his activism. He has worked with numerous charities and had raised a lot of money for underprivileged people in Africa.

While charity is his passion, he, too, lives luxuriously in private. A lot of times, his spending gets out of hand and his hat had a taste of what it is for that. In one of his tours, Bono left his favorite hat in London after flying to Italy. He could just have bought a brand new designer hat or just finish his trip without one, but he chose to fly such hat over to Italy in its own first class seat for $1,700. Of course, this means nothing to him, who is worth $600 million.

“People will stare. Make it worth their while.”Harry Winston

Kanye West’s Toilets

Everyone knows how much Kanye loves himself. Thus, it is no surprise that this ridiculously rich celebrity would spend on so much on practically useless things, including one that is made to gather his own waste. His lavish lifestyle with wife Kim Kardashian comes with little surprise, but the amount of money he burns still makes jaws drop.

Reports say that he spent $3 million on their wedding, $136,000 of which went to flowers alone. As a wedding gift, he bought his wife ten Burger King franchises. When they built their home, he spent $767 on four gold-plated toilets. Knowing his wife’s behind, it surely deserves a crown of gold.

Daniel Radcliffe’s $17,000 Bed

Daniel Radcliffe struck gold when he landed one of the most lucrative roles of his generation as Harry Potter in all “Harry Potter” films. All eight movies broke box office records in many countries around the world. This is why Radcliffe became a millionaire even before he reached eighteen. He does not hide this fact and this means that he spends more than he should on a lot of things.

Recently, he bought a mattress for $17,000. Of course, this is not your ordinary mattress, but a custom-made Savoir one. These mattresses are made with refined materials that include fine horse hair. They are also made specifically to cater to each individual customer.

Beyonce’s $100,000 Leggings


Beyonce spent $100,000 on a pair of gold Balenciaga leggings that were made of cashmere and metal and which she wore in one of her performances. While this could be one of the factors that contribute to her stage presence, $100,000 is still a puzzling amount of money that nobody might imagine would be spent on leggings.

Paris Hilton’s Dog House

Paris Hilton might not be as “famous for being famous” as she had been in her prime, but she is the heiress of one of the richest men in America. Thus, it is no surprise that her pocket is so deep and that she is able to splurge on things that are not practical. Hilton loves her Chihuahuas very much, so she spends a great deal of money on them. Her dogs get the luxury treatment that many of us might never experience in our lifetimes.

These dogs have their own Instagram accounts. They even live in dog houses that probably cost as much as your own home, if not more. Her dogs have their own mansion. It has air conditioning, designer furniture, a wardrobe for their outfits and a crystal chandelier. This detailed doghouse reportedly cost Paris a whopping $325,000.

Whether it’s a luxurious dog mansion, a pair of leggings or a last-ditch effort to save a favorite accessory, this list might come as a shock with the amount of money spent on typical and unnecessary things. What do you think of these outrageous splurges? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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