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5 Most Popular Hobbies Of The Rich And Famous

Everyone enjoys a decent amount of distraction from the everyday routine. Whether it be something as simple as cooking barbecue on a sunny day or doing some exotic things that nobody has ever heard before, everyone has hobbies. For the wealthy class, their hobbies cost way more than the average folk and you might not have heard of some of them until now. Here are some of them.

Renting A Yacht

Almost everyone who has ever been to the sea has fantasized about being on a yacht at some point. As for the rich and powerful, this has become a usual hobby where they rub elbows and enjoy their champagne in the middle of the sea. Yachts are toys that multimillionaires can exclusively enjoy. It is typical for a yacht to cost around $800 million, so only the rich and famous can afford this hobby.

For those who might not be able to afford such an amount, the cost of renting one is still insanely high. Renting a yacht can set you back at around $5,000 and up in a single day. Those who love the hobby more than others join yacht clubs or big events, such as the Volvo Ocean Race, which is held in Dubai annually.

“A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away.”Phyllis McGinley


Kitesurfing is a fun way to enjoy the sun and the sea, but you would need some facilities and this can cost you some money if you do it regularly. Kitesurfing is Virgin CEO Richard Branson’s favorite hobby. Being worth well around $5 billion, Branson sure has the resources as well as the time to take up such exotic hobbies as this.

Branson learned the sport on Necker Island, which he owns, in 2002. This, however, is pretty dangerous. If you fall, you can be dragged for a hundred feet at a time underwater and could hit a reef.


While a lot of rich and famous people prefer to take the most expensive flights, there are some like John Travolta who prefer to drive the airplanes themselves. This, however, actually costs much more than flying in a luxury airline with five-star amenities.

Aviation classes can set you back for $100,000 even in the most basic of aviation schools. This is also why you have to be pretty rich to learn how to fly an airplane. You should also consider the cost of buying and maintaining one.

Keeping Exotic Pets

You might have dreamed of owning your own dolphin or orangutan at some point in your childhood. As for some celebrities, they turned this childhood fantasy into reality by owning some pets that you thought nobody could.

Mike Tyson owns two Bengal tigers which he spent over a hundred thousand dollars on. Kristen Stewart is also reportedly into exotic pets. Aside from having to spend a lot on acquiring these pets alone, you also need a license to keep one. Caring and feeding for one is also no joke. This is why only the super wealthy can afford these.

Exotic Sports

While most people would go for regular baseball, basketball or football, things get a little different when rich and powerful people take some time to enjoy sports that they are passionate about. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak enjoys playing polo on a Segway. He even has a team who played in Germany for a Segway World Polo Championships.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin enjoys high-adrenaline hobbies that include skating and gymnastics, but his most unusual hobby is high-flying trapeze which he learned to do at a circus training center. Brin enjoys this hobby so much that he took advanced trapeze classes in New York where he reportedly excels among his classmates.

Money can surely take you places and make you enjoy things that most people cannot. For these wealthy and powerful people, they chose hobbies that you might not have heard of anywhere else before. What do you think of these expensive and unusual hobbies? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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