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The Most Expensive Celebrity Child Support Settlements

Celebrities enjoy lives that many people envy. However, being famous is not always easy especially when it comes to making personal relationships last. It gets even harder when the kids are involved. Their lavish lifestyles end up having them shell out thousands of dollars in child support if ever they split. Here are some of the most expensive ever.

Charlie Sheen – $110,000 Per Month

This controversial “Anger Management” star sure does know how it feels like to hand over a huge amount of cash every month for child support. When his marriage with ex-wife Denise Richards did not turn out well and they had to get a divorce, the court ordered him to pay her $55,000 for the support of Sam and Lola, their two daughters. If that already looks huge enough, he also pays another ex-wife Brooke Mueller another $55,000 a month for their boys, Bob and Max.

Mueller’s child support was brought down to $20,000 monthly when she temporarily lost custody of the twin boys. When such custody was restored, she again was entitled to $55,000. Charlie protested Denise’s child support in April 2015, claiming that she has been overspending and does not allow him to see his daughters.

“Everyone has to pay their child support, and no matter if you’re a Hollywood actor or anyone else, it’s always a little bit more than you want to pay.”Ethan Hawke

Kirk Kerkorian – $100,000 Per Month

$100,000 a month does not look like anything serious for billionaire and casino mogul Kirk Kerkorian, but what is puzzling here is he strangely agreed to hand over $100,000 a month for a child that was not even his. Lisa Bonder was married to Kerkorian in 1999 for only 28 days. She admitted that she tampered with a DNA test which claimed that Kerkorian was the biological father of her daughter Kira and said that the real father was Hollywood producer Stephen Bing, who also has a daughter with Liz Hurley.

Kirk was ordered by the court to hand over $100,000 a month until such child reaches 19 years of age, which is when support will be reduced to $50,000 a month. Kerkorian also has to take care of the child’s other expenses such as travel, clothing and equestrian lessons.

Eddie Murphy – $59,950 Per Month

Comedian Eddie Murphy had a rough time settling a legal dispute when he and ex-wife Spice Girl Melanie Brown called it quits. Brown was five months pregnant when she and Murphy split back in 2008.

Murphy doubted that he was the father of her child and even had a DNA test conducted. Murphy was ordered by the honorable court to pay $59,950 per month for child support and agreed to answer for any of Brown’s expenses which she incurred during pregnancy.

Francois-Henri Pinault – $46,000 Per Month

Pinault is a very wealthy man and is the CEO of Kerin luxury good group, which in turn owns high fashion brands such as Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. Before he was happily married to Salma Hayek, he had a short relationship with supermodel Linda Evangelista.

Evangelista says that their marriage ended when she told her that she was pregnant with their son Augie. They would reach a child support settlement in 2012 worth $46,000 per month, which also covers bodyguards and nannies.

Nas – $40,000 Per Month

R&B rapper Nas had a rough time in court when it came to settling child and spousal support with his ex-wife Kelis when they split back in 2009. Kelis filed for divorce from the rapper when she was seven months pregnant. When they officially split, Nas was ordered by the court to pay $40,000 a month for child support. This amount was then reduced to $25,000 a month in 2011.

Nas a rough time following such settlement and said that his legal disputes had him paying more money in child support than his fellow hip-hop rappers make. As for Kelis, she said that she does not regret anything from such divorce.

While most parents would say that having a child is priceless, the people on this list might be the last people on earth to agree with such statement. Being a celebrity parent with relationship woes can hit hard and tough. As for these kids, at least they are assured of all that much until they grow up. What do you think of these settlement amounts? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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