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Getting To Know Alexandra Andresen, 2016’s Youngest Billionaire

Alexandra Andresen might look like your average 20-year-old. A quick browse on her Instagram account might give you the impression that she is into the same things that most girls her age are, although she enjoys some luxuries. What might not be too obvious is that this good looking young woman is the world’s youngest billionaire. Here are some things you should know about her.

Not Your Typical Rich Girl

When she reached 19, Alexandra Andresen had already broken records for being the world’s youngest billionaire. In the Forbes 2016 ranking of the richest people on earth, it was revealed that this Norwegian heiress was worth a whopping $1.2 billion. Back in 2007, her father Johan Andresen transferred 42 percent of the stock of Ferd, a family owned centuries old private investment company, to her. He also transferred 41 percent of the shares of the same company to another daughter Katharina, who then and there became the second youngest billionaire in the world.

Alexandra’s status as the world’s youngest billionaire was just recently confirmed since Norway publishes the returns of its taxpayers who are above 17 years of age. Although she has grown up rich all her life, there is more to her life than money. She has excelled in various fields that she is passionate about.

“Success is defined in units of fun. It’s all about being happy.”Jake Nickell, Threadless

She Likes to Travel a Lot

Being worth this much opens up a lot of opportunities for her to travel a lot. Last year, she was on her maiden visit to India. Her trip kicked off in Mumbai, which she found to be very similar to Oslo, Berlin and Amsterdam. In her first visit to India, she enjoyed meeting a lot of young people in the city. From there, she traveled all the way to Rajasthan for a charity visit to the Chandelao Garh village. She stayed with locals, ate their food and participated in their events.

On several occasions, she has been seen almost anywhere. She had been snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of Greece at one point and reached remote destinations, as well. She even went as far as the continental rift between the American and Eurasian plate near Iceland.

She Is A Horse Lover


Another thing this young billionaire is passionate about is dressage. At her young age, she has accomplishments in horse riding quite comparable to her financial achievements. She has already won several massive competitions. She says that in her horse riding school, she is known as the “horse whisperer” due to her talent in taming and riding almost any horse she sees. This is also why when she went camel riding in India, she made friends with the camels quite easily, too.

She is also seen occasionally with other animals. Several elephants were seen on her Instagram page which she came across on a trip to Africa. She says that their houses are always filled with animals, including several dogs.

She Knows the Value of Saving

Being worth $1.2 billion at the age of 19 means you can blow your cash on absolutely anything that comes to your head, but that is not how this teenage billionaire thinks. Despite being worth that much, her parents have raised her to know the value of saving. This is quite ironic because, with that much money, saving does not really become necessary.

When she was younger, she was just given pocket money by her parents. She would actually save these to buy things that she wanted. During those times, she only drove second-hand cars.

A Lot Headed for Her

Alexandra is a very popular dressage athlete. She is three-time junior Norwegian dressage champion and still is very active in competing. She is currently sponsored by Kingsland, a popular equestrian brand.

While she and her sister have inherited such enormous fortunes at a very young age, their father says that they actually will not be forcing their daughters to help run the company, should they be led to different paths. For now, her sister Katharina appears to be the more likely to work at Ferd. She has recently completed an internship in the family company and is currently studying social sciences at Amsterdam University College. Alexandra, on the other hand, says that she is not very sure of what she wants for her future. While she really is into dressage, she thinks that this sport takes up a lot of capital and does not produce enough to make her successful.

Whether she chooses to run Ferd or pursue dressage, Alexandra is definitely a sweetheart worth every cent she has in her name. What do you think of this young Norwegian billionaire? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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